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iVisa | Updated on Jan 14, 2023

Australia pioneered the digital visa program back in 1996, being known today as ETA System or Electronic Travel Authorization System. As of 2013, the present ETA is available to several nationalities including South Korean. The method is straightforward.

The ETA or Electronic Travel Authorization subclass 601 is possible to get it through iVisa with an online application form.

The main difference between the one we have currently and the one we'd earlier 2013 is that the current document permits South Korean to go to Australia for both tourism and business functions. To know more about it, we suggest you to keep reading this post.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm Sout Korean, do I have to apply for a visa to enter Australia?

You don't need a visa per se, but an ETA or Electronic Travel Authorization. This is a special document that works as an electronic visa linked to your passport and allows you to enter Australia.

How long can I stay in Australia with my South Korean passport and my ETA?

South Korean who uses an ETA can stay in Australia for 90 days Per Entry over a 1 year after issued period. Hpwever, there are some requirements and conditions you should consider

What are the requirements and also the most important conditions to know before applying?

The fact that you can apply for this document online doesn't mean that you won't need to provide something. First of all, the applicant must not suffer from tuberculosis and must have not been criminally convicted for 12 months or longer. It does not matter if the sentence has been completed or not.

In the case of the documents, these are the ones you need to get your ETA:

  • Valid passport – you cannot travel to Australia without a passport. If you do not have one, you can fix that by paying a visit to the issuing authority in your country. If you do have a passport, ensure that it stays valid for a minimum of three months from your date of entry in Australia.

  • Mode of payment– during the application process, you will be required to pay for iVisa’s services so that you can submit it. You can use a credit or a debit card. In addition, iVisa accepts PayPal as well.

Please take note that you will also be required to answer a set of personal questions. These are common questions; just a few concerns such as the reason for your excursion, and so on. While not particularly important, please answer sincerely.

If you are qualified for an Australia ETA for South Korean and crossed the things above off the list, you can proceed and apply online.

What are the Processing time and fees for South Korean?

These two aspects are mentioned collectively because one influences the other. The Australia ETA for South Korean itself is free of charge, but you still need to pay for iVisa’s services. As for that, they have three available processing options. As you can imagine, the faster you want your ETA, the higher you pay. Here are your options:

  • Standard processing period – this is the cheapest and most widely used option. That is because the total amount is only USD $76.99. As for how long you need to wait for your application to be processed, it takes 24 hours to receive to your ETA. Even though this is the slowest option, one business day is not too much hassle.

  • Rush Processing period – this option is a lot faster than the first. You will have your Australia ETA for South Korean in just 12 hours. As you can expect, you need to pay more this time. USD $135.99 to be more precise.

  • Super Rush processing period – this alternative option is the fastest iVisa provides. You can apply on your way to the airport. It takes 4 hours for your application to be processed, and you will be billed USD $187.99.

How does the Australian ETA work for South Koreans?

The ETA system in Australia was first introduced back in 1996, granting authorization to enter this country. This digital authorization is electronically linked to your South Korean passport.

While you're checking in at the airport for your Australian-bound flight, the check-in staff can electronically confirm that you have the right to board the flight to Australia.

The ETA Visa is an electronically-stored authorization made for travelers who want to visit Australia for short-term tourism or even for business purposes as long as they're not paid work. It replaces the famous visa stamp in a passport, and it shortens the time wasted with the old process.

What steps do I have to follow to apply?

The application form is easy to comprehend and fast to complete. It is broken down into two simple steps:

  1. Firstly, you need to fill in your personal information and choose the processing time.

  2. Secondly, you need to revise step one and make the payment. After that, you just submit the application, and that's all!

How does an ETA look like?

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How do I know if it is approved?

We will inform you when your visa is ready by email. This way, you don't require to deal with any embassy. We do it for you so you can save your breath.

Do I need an ETA for my children?

Every traveler who wants to enter Australia must receive an ETA before departing, no matter their age.

Do I need an ETA If I am only transiting through Australia?

If you stay within 8 hours in the transit lounge, and you have the proper documentation to remain there, then you won't need an ETA. Just remember that in certain nationalities, a transit visa may be required. Please visit this website to know more.

Where can I read more?

If you need to learn more about this ETA, click here and you'll be in touch with one of our customer service representatives. You can also find more info and FAQs here.

Nowadays, about 28% of Australia’s population consists of immigrants, and that's because of the amended immigration policies from the last decade. That's why it's not that hard to comprehend the decision to provide ETAs and e-Visas to many citizens around the globe. If you're from South Korea, you're just one step away to visit this beautiful country.

Getting an Australia ETA for South Korean is one of the simplest things you can do. It requires very little time and effort, and you will be on the next plane out. It definitely much better than visiting an embassy for a consular visa, right? Then start your journey now!