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Is the eVisitor visa for Australia free?

Is the eVisitor visa for Australia free?
iVisa | Updated on Nov 25, 2022

The answer to your question is both yes and no, and to understand why that is, you need to stick around for a bit. Read the information below and you will learn why you have to pay a fee even if the eVisitor for Australia is free.

First of all, we need to remind you that iVisa.com is a visa service, a business, and you will not find anyone doing anything for free. However, the Australia eVisitor visa itself is free of charge. The Australian government does not perceive any taxes from you when you get the eVisa. However, since you are using iVisa.com’s services, you need to pay a service fee. So, while the document is free, the fact that you use iVisa.com to get it is not. That is why you have to spend some money on your eVisitor.

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As far as iVisa.com’s fees go, we believe that you will be satisfied. Not only that iVisa.com practices competitive prices, but you are given the opportunity to make a choice when it comes to how much money you want to spend. How can that be? iVisa.com understands that people have different needs and budgets, which is why it came up with three excellent choices when it comes to processing time. Obviously, the faster you want the processing to go, the more money you have to spend. To clarify this a little bit, here is what you can opt for:

  • Standard processing time – this is the slowest and most commonly chosen option because it is the cheapest. All you have to pay is the USD $37.49 service fee, and your Australia eVisitor visa is ready within 4 days.

  • Rush processing time – this time, you have to wait a little less time for your eVisa. Your request is processed within 2 days, and the cost is USD $64.99.

  • Super Rush processing time – since this is the fastest option at your disposal, it is also the most expensive. The service fee is USD $114.99, but your eVisitor visa is ready within 24 hours.

Your choice needs to be made when you fill in the application form.

During the second step to be more precise. Then, you are allowed to use one of the many means of payment. iVisa.com accepts credit or debit cards. Whichever you feel comfortable with. Also, your payments are secure, so you do not have to worry about anything in that department.

What you need to remember from all this is that while the eVisitor visa for Australia is free, you need to pay a fee for iVisa.com’s services. You can choose the option that best suits your needs, and if you want, you are given the opportunity to stick to a budget (if that is the case). Just choose the best option for you and iVisa.com will deliver the e-visa in the timeframe of your choosing.