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Azerbaijan visa for Australian citizens
iVisa | 3 min read | Updated on Feb 16, 2024

This new electronic visa has been introduced in January 2017 for the nation of Azerbaijan. So those 93 countries that belong to one of them, can apply for this visa virtually. Actually, more nationalities will have the opportunity to request an eVisa for Azerbaijan.

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Check if you approve to be able to request this eVisa. Just enter here and enter your nationality and the country of Azerbaijan as your destination and you will immediately have the answer. In case you are eligible, you only have to apply with us.

What documents are required for Australian citizens?

Please note that it is important to gather all the documents that we will inform you below to complete your application successfully:

  • Valid passport – verify the expiration date of your passport because it must be valid for 3 more months from your arrival in the country.

  • Digital copy of your passport – make sure your passport scan has a good quality.

  • Valid e-mail address –it is important that you enter a valid email because we will let you know when we have any news about your visa. Once you have your visa, do not forget to print it and keep it with you always.

  • Mode of payment – you can select the different payment methods we have to pay your request: credit/debit card or Paypal.

Azerbaijan eVisa for Australian citizens– the application form

The Azerbaijan eVisa has a fairly simple system. Just gather all documents to complete your application form. Of course, if you have any doubts you can chat with one of our super agents.

Please read the following instructions very carefully:

  1. Firstly, enter your data and select the processing time that you prefer. Take into consideration that prices will vary. Here are the best alternatives for you:

    • Standard processing time – you need to pay USD $162.99 to obtain the visa and note that is this one of the comfortable ones that we have for you and it takes around 6 days.

    • Rush processing time – this process allows you to have your visa in 5 days and the price is USD $277.99.

    • Super Rush processing time – if you urgently need your visa, this is your best option, we will send your visa in 4 days and for that you will have to pay the cost of USD $416.99.

  2. Proofread all your data to avoid mistakes and after that pay your application.

  3. At the end of the form, you will see some questions about yourself and then you will need to attach your documents. In some cases, you will need to upload extra documents. For instance, if you travel with your kids and without the other progenitor, you will need an authorization letter from the said parent. After that, you submit the form and wait for the approved visa.

With this eVisa, all Australians can be in the nation of Azerbaijan for 30 days in Total. Moreover, do not forget to register your trip with the State Migration Service if you stay more than 10 days. Hotels give that kind of service for you, and so do business hosts.

  • iVisa is NOT affiliated with any government agency. This app does not provide legal advice and we are not a law firm. None of our customer service representatives are lawyers and they also do not provide legal advice. We are a private, internet-based travel and immigration consultancy provider dedicated to helping individuals travel around the world. You may apply by yourself directly on the various government websites. The source of information: https://www.mfa.gov.az/

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