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The ASAN system was introduced by Azerbaijan in January 2017, this system allows people from Malaysia to have the possibility of getting an electronic visa. It is pleasant to say that this platform is new and many passengers have already successfully requested it.

Please note that only 93 countries have the authorization to request this type of eVisa. Very soon, many more countries will be part of this group.

While the program gets updated, we will show you here what are the steps to follow if you're from Malaysia.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I'm from Malaysia, do I need a visa to enter Azerbaijan?

Sure. You will need a visa to travel to Azerbaijan.

What is an Azerbaijan e-Visa for Malaysian?

The eVisa is an accessible visa for Malaysians. So, if you are Malaysian, you can enter and obtain your Azerbaijan eVisa. It will not take you a long time to complete the form.

How long is this e-Visa valid for Malaysian Citizens?

All Malaysians that get this Azerbaijan eVisa will valid for 90 days after issued.

Nonetheless, keep in mind that you can be in the nation of Azerbaijan for 30 days in Total upon your arrival in Azerbaijan.

What are the requirements for Malaysian citizens?

You will have to provide some documents to be able to obtain your eVisa successfully.

First, these are all the documents you need before applying:

  • Passport scan
  • Last Page of Passport (if applicable)

But to proceed successfully with the whole process, you need to also consider the following:

  • Valid passport – your travel document must be valid for 3 more months from your arrival in the Azerbaijan territory.

  • A digital scan of your passport – the scan must be clear to see the information page without any problem.

  • E-mail address – remember that this email needs to be valid in order that you obtain all information about your eVisa.

  • Means of payment – ensure that you have access to these payment methods like credit/debit card or Paypal to pay your application.

What are the Processing times and prices?

Your Azerbaijan eVisa vary on the price according to your needs. Notice that your choice will define the quantity to pay. We give 3 alternatives:

  • Standard processing time – you will have to pay USD $118.99 to get your visa in 6 days. We suggest applying 6 days before departure to avoid any inconvenience.

  • Rush processing time – in this case your visa will be done in 5 days and you will have to pay the amount of USD $196.99.

  • Super Rush processing time – this processing time gives your Azerbaijan eVisa in 4 days. The cost will be higher and you will have to pay the quantity of USD $290.99.

How long does it take to apply for an Azerbaijan e-Visa with my Malaysian passport?

This application form will not take you more than 15 minutes because this is quite simple. In case of any inconvenience, consult our customer service operators.

How is the application form for Malaysians?

The application form has three steps. Do not forget that we have our wonderful support service.

  1. In the first part, you will need to insert your personal data and details about your trip. In addition, select the processing time of your preference.

  2. In this section, proofread and properly verify what you completed. Don't forget about the spelling, there's no possible correction once your eVisa is issued.

  3. Finally, make the payment. Your credit/debit card or PayPal account can be used for your application.

When you are done, submit your form and wait for your visa.

It is a straightforward application. Begin your request here and forget about paperworks!

How long can I stay in Azerbaijan with my e-Visa?

The eVisa will permit you to stay for 30 days in Total. Nevertheless, note that if Malaysians stay over 10 days need to register with the State Migration Service. You have the alternative to ask your hotel or host to assist you with this situation.

How many times can I enter Azerbaijan with this e-Visa?

If you are a Malaysian passport holder, you will get a Single Entry.

What should I do if I have dual citizenship?

In that case, you must select the country of nationality depending on the passport that you will use for your journey.

What if I'm just passing through Azerbaijan?

You do not need to acquire an eVisa if you stay in the international transit area.

Can I re-apply if my eVisa application to enter Azerbaijan is denied?

If your Azerbaijan eVisa application is rejected, you have the option to re-apply, but in that case, you will need to request at a relevant diplomatic representation (embassy/consulate) of the Azerbaijani Government.

What if I realize I made a mistake in my application form?

Let us explain that once your application has already been sent to the Government nothing can be modified. On the contrary, if your application has not been sent yet, any type of change can be made. In both circumstances, you should contact our customer service operators.

Is it OK if I use iVisa to get my Azerbaijan Electronic Visa?

For your safeness, we protect all the information entered into our system by our clients, focusing on security and confidentiality. It is normal for many people to think that their personal information is in danger but that not happens with our services.

I still have some questions in mind, where can I find more information about Azerbaijan?

Just by clicking on this page, you can make any query you want.

Also, if you need to read more about this topic, enter here.

Don't waste any more time and apply for an Azerbaijan eVisa with us in an easy and fast way. Together we will make your new experience in Azerbaijan the best.

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