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In October 2014, Kingdom of Bahrain Ministry of Interior (Nationality, Passport and Residence Affairs) introduced e-visa system that allow nationals from over 100 countries to obtain a visa either online ahead of travel, via Bahrain’s government eVisa website. On February 2016, Bahrain introduced e-Visas to visitors from eleven African countries, marking the third phase of the Kingdom’s new visa policy.

The e-visa system is an online method of applying for visas for entry from anywhere in the world. Some advantages of this system to the traveller are that visas can be applied for quickly over the Internet at any time, from any location and payment is made online at the time of the visa application. Once your application is approved, you can print a copy of the approval to carry with you when you travel, but this is not strictly necessary. When you arrive in Bahrain, your electronic visa will be accessible to the passport officer who greets you.


  • A photocopy of the photo page of the applicant's passport plus a copy of the passport last page for Indian passports.
  • A copy of return air ticket.

According to your nationality, you will be required to upload some additional documents:

  • A copy of hotel booking in Bahrain. Alternately, in case you are staying with a relative, you must provide a copy of their CPR Reader's printout.
  • A copy of a stamped bank statement under the visitor's name covering the last three months with an ending balance of not less than the equivalent of 800 USD.

eVisa Requirements for Bahrain

  • Bahrain e-Visa is valid for only 90 days once approved. This means the e-visa must be used within 90 days of approval.
  • Bahrain e-visa comes with multiple entry and with a maximum stay of 30 days
  • Applicant must be outside the Kingdom of Bahrain when applying for this visa.
  • You must have a passport (not any another type of travel document) and it should be valid for 6 months from arrival in Bahrain
  • You must have a valid confirmed onward travel ticket to leave Bahrain.
  • You must be capable of supporting yourself (and dependents if travelling with you) during the visit.
  • The Visa Expiry Date is the latest date on which you may enter Bahrain with this e-Visa.
  • If the visa expires before entry to the Kingdom of Bahrain, the applicant must apply again
  • You must have used your visa, or it should have expired, before you can apply for another visa. (It is not possible to have more than one visa issued for a passport at a time)
  • The purpose of visit must be: tourism, business or investment.
  • You must not take up paid employment during your visit to Bahrain.
  • Passport must be valid for length of time you will be in Bahrain, or the length of the visa, whichever is longer.
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