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iVisa | Updated on Sep 12, 2019

iVisa partners with travel partners

iVisa has partnered with travel partners to provide worldwide tourism visas for any travel agent.

Some of the benefits using the IvISA platform is that not only is it safe and convenient (24/7 real time support) but it also gives travel agents the flexibility to set up built-in options allowing them to fully customise the system to their needs.

Full Integration

Our partners can enjoy a seamless integration with iVisa, meaning that on top of using a powerful engine to cover hotels, flight, vacation and car rental, travelers will also be able to check if they need a visa and process it in case they do.

About iVisa

With thousands of customers globally, iVisa is evolving into the travel eVisa leader provider. With an extensive coverage of world visas processed and an unrivalled technology, iVisa has developed the most up to date database that let’s travelers from any nationality process a tourism visa if they need it.

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