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Antigua is a group of islands that is located in Seville. This country receives a large number of travellers annually, this is because in the Radcliffe Quay district are the main historical monuments and very attractive places.

Travellers prefer this place because they can vacation at any time of the year. Besides, the climate on the islands is suitable for enjoying the beaches. Despite this, it is recommended that tourists should not travel alone at night or in isolated areas. Local authorities can inform travellers about which beaches are safe. Avoid displaying valuables and make sure your personal belongings and travel documents are safe at all times.

As you may have noticed although that Antigua and Barbuda is a very beautiful place to spend time with family, friends or your boyfriend, we must stop to think that nobody is free from any incident that may happen; for example, if someone steals your passport, visa or maybe any of them is lost. Or for example, imagine that you have been at a party drinking a lot, having a great time and when you are already in the hotel, you wake up and realize that your passport that was in your pocket or purse is not there. (keep in mind that these documents are very essential to be able to return to your country of origin). So, bear in mind that there may be different situations in which you can lose your travel documents without someone stealing them.

Fill me in

Has it happened to you that sometimes you are in another nation and an incident happens to you and you do not know where to go?

Embassy registration is your best solution.

Through all your personal data that was registered in, your country's embassy will be able to obtain all that information to keep you informed of certain natural disasters, health emergencies such as COVID-19, among other problems while you are in Antigua and Barbuda. For that reason, embassy registration is one of your best alternatives because you can have direct contact with the embassy and you can also receive notifications about the country of Antigua and Barbuda so that you can take the precautions of the case.

What is a Smart Traveller?

It’s a document that records your personal information in case of an emergency in the country of Antigua and Barbuda.

Through the Smart Traveller you will be registered in the system and if something happens to you while you are in that country, you will have the necessary support and communication from this entity and above all, you won’t have to worry about the language.

It is worth adding this service to your trip because you never know what can happen. For this reason, you must choose this Smart Traveller so that you take your necessary precautions, and best of all, it doesn’t have a very expensive cost, making it accessible to everyone.

Where can I request this service?

Let me tell you you're in the right place. has launched the Smart Traveller for Antigua and Barbuda so that all travellers belonging to the 14 nationalities can obtain this embassy registration. To verify what those nationalities are, you can enter our website.

We offer electronic visas for these 14 countries and if you belong to one of those, you will have the advantage of being able to add an embassy registration as long as you decide, but since you are a Smart Traveller, you will want to obtain this embassy registration because it is always vital to have the support of an entity that helps us in an emergency.

What are the steps that I must follow to apply for this Smart Traveller?

To request this service, it is very straightforward. But, if you need help or have any doubts, you can enter this link and chat directly with our customer service agents.

Follow these basic steps:

  • Enter the page, choose your nationality, and put Antigua y Barbuda as your destination and in few seconds you will know if you need a visa to travel this nation.

  • Then, if you need a visa, you have to click on ''Go to application form'' and fill in your data and travel information; additionally, select the processing time you want for your electronic visa (Standard, Rush or Super Rush).

  • After that, you have the option to click on ''Add Embassy Registration”. Besides that, in this part, make sure to proofread all your application and update the info if you want.

  • Finally, make the corresponding payment for your application. You can use a credit card, debit card, or a Paypal account.

Once you have applied for your electronic visa and the embassy registration, you will not have to worry because everything will be in our hands.

Truly this process is extremely simple and best of all, you can request it from anywhere you are, so you only need an electronic device and internet access, and of course you will need to choose a payment method, either credit card/debit or even PayPal.

To summarize, Antigua and Barbuda is a country that does not have terrifying insecurity, however, it is important to always keep in mind that you are not free from anything, the incident can happen in just seconds; for that reason, it is vital that you are always attentive to your personal belongings, but despite that, sometimes incidents happen and you don't know what to do. We suggest that you request the new product we have for you, Embassy Registration (Smart Traveller). Once you have requested this with us, you will no longer have to worry about more things because the embassy will support you in case of an emergency or what we are going through today due to the Covid-19.

IMPORTANT: Remind that at we only offer Embassies Registration for 14 nationalities, don’t forget to check first if you are eligible to apply for this Smart Traveller with

Do you have any questions?

If you want to read more about this new service that has implemented, you can review it through our website. Additionally, you can also contact our super operators, they will assist you in the best way.

It's time for you to travel and have fun without worries! Don't think twice and request this service with

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