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Brazil e-Visa Price, Fees, and Costs

Brazil e-Visa Price, Fees, and Costs
iVisa | Updated on Feb 17, 2023

When you choose to apply for a Brazil e-Visa online, one of the things you will notice is that you will spend less money than if you go to the Brazilian consulate. You do not have to take leave from work, you do not have to travel anywhere, and the cost is very low. iVisa takes great pride in the fact that it provides competitive prices. At the same time, there are no hidden fees for you to worry about. What you see on the application is the precise amount that will come up on your credit card statement.

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Factors that determine the price

iVisa understands that people have different needs, which is why you have the possibility of making a choice when it comes to prices. As for that, the one thing that affects the cost of your Brazil e-Visa is the processing time you select when you fill in the application. You have three options:

  1. Standard processing time – this is the cheapest option you have. It costs only $69.50 (or the equivalent in your country’s currency). As for the amount of time you need to wait for your visa, your application will be processed within 10 business days. It is ideal for people who have the opportunity to plan ahead.

  2. Rush processing time – the second option is a little bit more expensive. Your Brazil e-Visa will cost $99.50 this time, but your visa will arrive in your e-mail inbox within 6 business days instead of ten.

  3. Super Rush processing time – if you need your Brazil visa as fast as possible, this is the option you must choose. Your visa application will be processed within 4 business days, and you will not find another service that can provide a shorter amount of waiting time. However, as you may expect, you will be charged more if you select this processing time. You will need to pay a total of $134.50.

The price of the visa itself remains the same in all three cases. It is the service fee that changes. The service fee is meant for iVisa and its efforts to provide fast and high-quality services.

Other than the prices mentioned above, there is another fee that you can pay. However, this one is entirely optional. When you apply for your visa, you also have the option of registering your trip with your country’s embassy. It costs only $6.95, and it can prove more useful than you think. In case something bad happens while you are in Brazil (calamity or other events that may endanger your health and life,) your country’s embassy will know that you are in Brazil and you will be accounted for. You will receive emergency text messages, and you will be easier to track. While optional, the registration is recommended.

As you can see, Brazil e-visa prices, fees, and costs are more affordable than you would think. Considering the amount of effort you put in to get your visa, the rates are quite low. That is why more and more countries allow the release of electronic visas. At the moment, they are the fastest and most affordable travel solutions. Try it, and you will see for yourself.

How does a Brazil e-visa look like ?

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