Cape Verde visa for citizens of Luxembourg
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Visas must be obtained by visitors from countries that are not visa-exempt. Visas are required for Luxembourg citizens to enter Cape Verde. With, you can apply for a visa ahead of time.

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There is a pre-arrival registration process that can be completed online through It is simple, fast, and secure to use. If you need assistance with a Cape Verde visa for citizens of Luxembourg, please contact us.

The entry pass is valid for a single entry and allows a maximum stay of for citizens of Luxembourg. In order to enter the country, you must have a Pre-Arrival Authorization.

Read on for more details about the Cape Verde visa for citizens of Luxembourg.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Cape Verde Visa for Citizens of Luxembourg work?

To avoid wasting time at the airport, travelers can pre-register for their trip to Cape Verde online prior to their intended arrival date. The pre-arrival registration for Cape Verde will be followed up by email notification. Visas are required for entry into Cape Verde for Luxembourg citizens. offers you the opportunity to search for travel documents and learn about Cape Verde eVisas for Luxembourgers.

With, what are the processing fees and time?

There are three options for processing at

  • Standard processing option ( - ): A budget traveler will find this option suitable.
  • Rush processing option ( - ): Compared with the previous one, this is a faster option.
  • Super rush processing option ( - ): For last-minute trips, this is the best option.

How long can I stay in Cape Verde with an eVisa?

After completing Cape Verde Pre-Arrival Registration, applicants may enter the island once and stay up to . Visitors who plan to visit Cape Verde for tourism only need to apply for a Cape Verde Pre-Arrival Registration.

Visit to learn more about the Cape Verde visa for citizens of Luxembourg.

List out the details to complete the visa application?

When applying for a Cape Verde visa for citizens of Luxembourg, the following documents should be at hand:

  • A valid passport: To fill out the application form, we need your details.
  • Valid email address: You will receive your travel documents via email.
  • Payment method: For payment of the application fee, credit/debit cards are accepted.

What are the steps to apply for the Cape Verde eVisa?

You can complete the application for the Cape Verde visa for citizens of Luxembourg by following these steps.

  • First: Enter your details online and select the time you want it processed.
  • Second: Make sure that all the information you provide is accurate and pay the application fee.
  • Third: Upload a copy of your passport and other documents.

How to obtain more information about the Cape Verde visa for citizens of Luxembourg?

You can read more about the Cape Verde visa for citizens of Luxembourg on the website. If you need any help, our customer service agents are ready to assist you. They can be reached 24 hours a day.

For your convenience, you can email us at [email protected].

How can I benefit from applying through

To ensure a quick and secure application processing, choose Your privacy is our top priority. For more clarity, see the user reviews section. Recommends

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