Cape Verde visa for citizens of the Czech Republic
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If you’re a European citizen, entering Cape Verde, then you’ll be asked to apply for a visa prior to your arrival. If you’re a citizen of the Czech Republic travelling to Cape Verde, then you should apply for a Cape Verde visa for citizens of Czech Republic. Once you get your Pre-Arrival Registration through your emails, you will be granted a 30-day permit to stay in the country, after it is stamped upon landing.

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Current advice is against all but essential travel to Cape Verde. The country is currently at Level 3 Travel Health Notice according to the CDC and invites everyone to reconsider travelling to Cape Verde and proof of health conditions will be asked upon arrival. However, if you’re from Czech Republic and wish to travel to Cape Verde apply for a Cape Verde visa for citizens of Czech Republic here.

If you’re looking for the perfect mix between relaxing sandy beaches and outdoor water adventures, all around crystal fresh waters, then Cape Verde is the perfect destination for you. Whether diving, swimming or strolling around Santa Maria, come dance to some Morna music and hike up the Pico do Fogo volcano!

Fill in our online application and apply now for your Cape Verde visa for citizens of Czech Republic on save time and avoid endless bureaucratic procedures and queues, get your e-visa directly via e-mail and get ready to travel!

COVID-19 Travelling FAQs

1. Is a vaccination required to enter the country?

A COVID-19 vaccination is recommended, based on recent assessment of COVID-19 risks, but not mandatory.

2. Are PCR Tests required to enter the country?

Yes, unless you are fully vaccinated, you are asked to show a valid and ‘negative’ PCR test to enter the country. This must have been taken within 72 hours from flight departure to Cape Verde (necessary for all passengers aged 12 or above).

3. Is Quarantine required upon arrival to the country?

No, there is no quarantine requirement to enter Cape Verde.

Frecuently Asked Questions

Why apply for Cape Verde Visa for citizens of Czech Republic?

Any citizen of the Czech Republic travelling to Cape Verde will be asked for their Pre-Arrival Registration prior to his/her arrival at the airport. The approval of this document, by Immigration Officers upon landing, will grant you a 30-day , valid for . When travelling, keep it and your passport with you at all times.

What are the e-visa fees and processing times?

There are three (3) different options to apply for a Cape Verde visa for citizens of Czech Republic:

  • Standard Processing: Received within - .
  • Rush Processing: Received within - .
  • Super Rush Processing: Received within - .

What documents do I need to apply for my Cape Verde visa for citizens of Czech Republic?

  • Your passport scan - with at least six months validity from when you’re planning on entering Cape Verde
  • Travel ticket.
  • One passport-sized current photo.
  • Invitation letter or accommodation details about your stay.
  • A selfie with the physical credit card used for the online payment. Only the last 4 digits of the card must be visible in the photo. Only one image per order is required to verify the payment.

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In recent years has proved to be a reliable ally for many travelers, helping them to overcome any difficulties encountered in the heavy burden of pre-departure procedures, helping them to clarify any doubts related to understanding and document processing procedures, simplifying departures, shortening times and avoiding unnecessary queues at the airport.

Where can I find more information?

For more information visit our website or contact our customer support team 24/7, via chat or email, and use our Visa Checker Tool to find out all requirements for your country of citizenship, to anywhere you wish to travel. Recommends

Despite its incredible beaches and mesmerising water colours, Cape Verde has a lot more to offer to millions of visitors every year.

Enjoy diving and snorkeling on the Island of Sal, here you’ll be able to spot turtles and colourful fish, and admire this immense coastline of white sand and sunshine. Though if you’re more into chilling on the beach and enjoying beach bars and pampering restaurants, then choose Santa Maria Beach, Praia de Chaves or Santa Monica, on Boa Vista Island and you won’t regret it!

Yet, outdoor activities in Cape Verde are endless: kitesurfing, fishing and horse riding are also very popular, but even more impressive is to climb, all the way up to the Pico de Fogo volcano. Starting from the nearby city of Cha de Caldeiras, you’ll find plenty of tours that will take you there with a guide, but solo treks are also a possibility. On your way back down explore the island’s marvellous beaches and enjoy a well deserved swim!

Finally, whenever you’re ready for some nightlife blues, visit Mindelo: with its live music performances and restaurants it will keep you entertained until the early morning hours. Hours!

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