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The Chile Traveler’s Affidavit is a required travel document for foreign and national travelers who wish to enter Chile. This document was created to avoid the spread of the coronavirus in the country, as well as to keep better control of the entry of visitors.

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Anyone who wants to enter this country must fill out the Chile Traveler's Affidavit up to 48 hours before the estimated arrival time in Chile (local time).

All nationalities can apply for this affidavit.

To get this travel form, you’ll have to provide some information about your flight, your health status, and your intended stay in Chile. You must also follow the country’s safety protocols.

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Once you submit your application, we’ll forward the Chile Traveler's Affidavit to your email before your departure. Have a printed copy ready to show to the immigration authorities once you arrive.

Check the FAQs below to view quarantine rules for Chile.

Required Documents to Apply
  • A current valid passport, with at least 6-month validity.

  • A credit/debit card or a PayPal account.

Important Instructions
  • The Chile Traveler's Affidavit is part of the required documents you will need to enter Chile. It DOES NOT replace a visa. If your country requires a visa, the immigration officers will ask for your Visa when you enter Chile. Keep in mind some nationalities will require a paper visa. If that is your case, we suggest you contact your local embassy.

  • You can apply anytime, but remember we can only proccess your application with a max of 7 days prior arrival.

  • Affidavits are valid for 48 consecutive hours from the date and hour of issue.

  • This form can be completed up to 48 hours before the scheduled/estimated arrival time in Chile (local time).

  • At the airport, you must show the QR Code that we will bring you, in order to pass the health check established by the Health Authorities.

  • It is highly recommended that you keep your Form and the associated QR Code with you either as a soft copy (smartphone, tablet, etc.) or as a hard copy in case of any failure in the system.

  • All travelers, whether they are chilean, foreign residents or visiting foreigners, must undergo a mandatory 10-day quarantine. However, this can be lifted with a negative PCR result, which can be carried out from the seventh day of quarantine onwards. While waiting for their result, they must remain under quarantine. Please contact the health authority for further details.

  • Requirements for foreigners upon entering Chile:

  • All travelers must undergo a mandatory 10-day quarantine for or until they leave the country (should they stay for less than ten days). Through a negative PCR result taken from the seventh day of entry into the country, the quarantine is lifted (while waiting for the result, they must remain under quarantine).

  • Negative PCR test carried out within 72 hours of taking the sample and until the departure time of the last flight to Chile.

  • Health insurance that covers COVID-19 related services during your stay.

  • In case of chilean and foreign residents, they must submit only the Negative PCR test and Traveler's Affidavit.

  • All documents must be submitted before boarding the flight to Chile.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a travel form required for both nationals and international travelers who want to enter Chile. This document was created to prevent the spread of coronavirus diseases.

The Chile Traveler’s Affidavit DOES NOT replace a visa. If you need a visa to enter Chile, the immigration officers will ask for it upon arrival. In case you need a paper visa, we suggest you visit the nearest Chilean embassy.

All travelers must display a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test result prior to arrival. The test sample must be taken within 72 hours of the departure time of your flight to Chile, and your negative results need to be ready to show to airline officials at this time.
For children or people with disabilities who can’t fill in the form on their own, it’ll be the responsibility of the father, mother, or person in charge to fill out the required information on their behalf. Apply now for your Chile Traveler’s Affidavit.
The prices will vary according to the processing option you choose while filling in the form:
  • Standard Processing Time: 1 business day - USD 20.00.
  • Rush Processing Time: 8 hours - USD 35.00.
  • Super Rush Processing Time: 4 hours - USD 60.00.

This form can be completed up to 48 hours before the estimated arrival in Chile. However, you can apply in advance at any time by using our services. We’ll always start processing the form when the time is right so that it can be valid for your entire trip. Nevertheless, we suggest you apply for the Chile Traveler's Affidavit at least 72 hours before your travel.

Apply now and forget about checking when you’re eligible to apply.

You have to complete the online form with your personal and travel details. After you fill it out, our team will process it so that you can get the Chile Traveler's Affidavit by email. Print a copy and carry it with you along with your COVID-19 test result upon arrival. Foreigners are also required to have health insurance that covers COVID-19 related services for the duration of their stay.
Applying for this form won’t take you longer than 5 minutes.
This document is valid for 48 consecutive hours from the date and hour of issue. It also has a single entry, so every time you need to leave or enter the country, you’ll have to apply for a new one.
Yes, the Chile Traveler's Affidavit is usually available for free. Nevertheless, applying for it with and having it ready before your trip is an excellent way to save the extra waiting time caused by immigration queues. Plus, at you can fill out the form in any language you want, and our team of experts will review the entire application to be sure there are no errors or typos.
Yes! All travelers, both nationals and foreigners, are required to undergo a 10-day quarantine or to quarantine until they leave the country (should they stay for less than ten days). However, you can end the quarantine early by getting a negative PCR result from a test which you are eligible to take starting on the seventh day after your arrival. Be aware that you must remain under quarantine while you wait for these test results.
Yes, you can! Feel free to chat with our customer service team if you have additional questions. They’re ready to solve your issues at any time. Contact them here.
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Chile is the famous country of long extension and small narrowness, which makes it characteristic for extending in almost all the western edge of South America, with more than 6,000 km of coastline in the Pacific Ocean. This country is popular for several scenic beauties, including its Andean mountain range, which you can easily see from Santiago de Chile, the capital city. In the central square of this city (Plaza de Armas) you can meet the neoclassical cathedral and the Museum of National History. This city also has a huge Metropolitan Park with swimming pools, a botanical garden, and a zoo. If there’s something famous about Santiago it’s that from almost any corner you can appreciate the majesty of the mountain range, because this city is a valley that shines in itself. On the horizon, you can see magnificent mountains, among those, all that make up the famous Valle Nevado. Valle Nevado is a ski center that has one of the largest skiable areas in South America and is considered one of the most modern on the continent. In this place, you can enjoy multiple ski resorts, and you can also relax with the beauty of the mountains while drinking a delicious cup of hot chocolate. Of course, if you pass through Santiago, don’t forget to visit other emblematic corners such as Cerro Santa Lucía, Palacio de la Moneda and Cerro San Cristóbal. Continuing your Chilean walk, you must know the Atacama desert. In this place, you can appreciate an explosion of colors and natural experiences thanks to all its fauna and flora. This place is in the north of the country, and the best time to visit it is between November and December, as this is when flowers and other beauties of the territory are most often displayed. Within the Atacama itself, one of the most popular options is a trekking route through Guatín. This territory is better known as the Quebrada de Cardones because here you can see the sensational cactus or cardones in Spanish, many of them centenary and with heights reaching 7 meters. In the Atacama, you can see many stars at night, as the Chilean northern sky is known worldwide for its sharpness since it doesn’t rain 300 nights a year. On the Atacama plateau and the Andean zone of Coquimbo, the skies offer an excellent stellar observation. Here not only scientists from all over the world can enjoy the cosmos and the stars, but also travelers. As for the mountainous beauties of Chile, Torres del Paine National Park cannot be left behind. This park has three pinnacles that are usually tinted red with the light of dawn, which makes the landscape something magnificent to see. In this space, you can take the "W" hiking circuit, an impressive route that goes into the park and runs through glaciers, colossal towers and horns made of granite and rock, as well as a great variety of beautiful lagoons and valleys. You can be sure that on this site you can fully enjoy nature. You can't forget to visit Easter Island either. Nestled in the farthest region of the Pacific Ocean, this is one of the longest inhabited islands on any continent. The Ahu Tongariki is the largest of the moai groups of the mythical Rapa Nui, which is made up of 15 gigantic sculptures and represents the moment of the maximum sculptural splendor of the island. You should also consider that Chile is the country with the largest glacier area in all of South America, with an approximate area of ​​22,000 km2 distributed in just over 1,700 snowdrifts. That’s why you can appreciate these beauties in different ways, although if you do it by kayak, you will experience the closest thing to the journeys made by the first inhabitants of that territory. Among the fjords and channels that make up the irregular geography, there are routes that have become increasingly popular expeditions, including the expeditions to the Jorge Montt glacier, Steffens, San Rafael, and O’Higgins. An example of the beautiful glaciers that you can see in Chile is the Rey Glacier, a magnificent proposal when the summer season is approaching in the extreme south of Chile. This glacier is part of the Campos de Hielo Sur. The Patagonian region of Aisén is one of the best destinations in the world for sport fishing. This corner of the most Australian Chile differs from the rest of the territory by its dense forests full of mosses. In addition, it has a large number of lakes, fast-flowing rivers, deep fjords, waterfalls, and glaciers. You shouldn’t forget to explore the Pérez Rosales National Park, the first park in Chile. Its great attractions are the Todos los Santos Lake and the snowy summit of the Osorno Volcano (2,652 m), but the best touristic spot is the Petrohué waterfalls, which form a torrential and foamy waterfall through a volcanic rock canyon shoveled by lava. One of the most beautiful parks in the country and that you cannot eliminate from your checklist is the Conguillio since it has a great variety of forests of the famous ancient Araucaria tree. The Llaima volcano dominates the entire park, and it is surrounded by beautiful lakes, lagoons, and trees with arched branches. If you are one of those who loves volcanoes, you must know Villarrica volcano, a Chilean stratovolcano of 2847 masl located in the southern Andes. It’s one of the most active in South America, and it has an almost perfect conical shape with a beautiful snow peak. In Chile, there are other urban and exotic beauties such as Valparaiso and Viña del Mar, which are perfect destinations to spend a summer, especially for its beaches. Also, bohemian and artistic lifestyle is quite notorious in these places. As for gastronomy, you should know that Chile is recognized for its famous vineyards, so you cannot miss the tours to the most famous vineyards in the country, in addition to trying its rich wines. In case you enjoy good food, you should try the pastel de choclo or Chilean cornbread, the Chilean empanada, and the paila marina. There are many things you can do in Chile, but for that, you must get your travel documents first. Aside from the passport, you may require other documents such as the Health Declaration, so don’t forget to apply for this document before planning the rest of your trip. You can do it using our website since is in charge of facilitating this procedure for you.