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10-year China visa for a US citizen

10-year China visa for a US citizen
iVisa | Updated on Nov 02, 2018

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It is not news to you that many companies in the US relocate to China, or have a subsidiary there. The reasons behind it are not important at the moment, but what may interest you is the 10-year China visa for US citizens.

Many people who work in a China branch are required to travel back and forth a few times every year, for many years. That is not an issue, but the visa is. Why? Because it is inconvenient to apply for a visa a few times per year. The 10-year China visa is meant to fix that. If you need to travel there for business or other purposes, you can do so for ten years without a single trip to the embassy. How is that possible? One word: iVisa. iVisa is a visa expediting company whose primary activity is to get your documents for you. There is no embassy trip for you, no hassle, and minimal effort. But you are still required to do something. It is not much, and it will take you about 20 minutes. It is the application form.

10-year China visa application

While you are not required to travel to the Chinese embassy, you still need to fill in an application form. However, this one is very different from the one at the consulate. The entire process is online, so it only makes sense that the form is as well. All you need is a smartphone or a computer and an internet connection.

Before filling in the application, the most important aspect is to make sure that your passport is valid. Not only that, but it needs to remain valid all the while you are in China. You cannot use a 10-year visa with a 2-year passport. After you take care of that, you can proceed.

The application form is as easy as pie. Everything is on a ‘fill in the blanks’ basis, and it should take you a little while to complete it. If you need any help, iVisa provides a 24/7 support service that is ready to help you every step of the way. At first, you need to put in your basic information. Then, you need to choose the processing time. The processing time will establish two things: the period of time within which your visa is released and how much you will be charged for it. You have three options: Standard, Rush, and Super Rush processing time. The Standard is the slowest process and the cheapest, while the Super Rush is the fastest and the most expensive. Everywhere you go and no matter what services you use, urgency will always cost more.

The visa itself has the same price. The service fee, on the other hand, costs differently. You will be required to make the payment before submitting the application. You can use a credit/debit card, or if you have a Paypal account, you can use that as well. iVisa’s purpose is to make things as convenient as possible.

After you submit your application, the visa will arrive within the timeframe of your choosing. That is pretty much it. The process is simple, efficient, and it does not even cost that much. Think of how much you have to gain from an online process. The fact that you can do it without getting out of the house is reason enough to use iVisa, but the services are superior to anything you have ever tried before.

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