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Anyone wishing to enter China needs authorized travel documents. It’s very likely that in your case, you need a China eVisa, as it’s the mandatory document for any foreign citizen, except those who are under the China visa-free program.

The China eVisa is an automated document that you receive at the end of your online application. This document allows you to enter China without difficulty, but for this, it’s important that after receiving the confirmation receipt by mail, you attend a personal interview at the embassy. At the end of that interview, you receive the visa itself.

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To save much time and effort for your travel arrangements, you can use the application form that experts designed. This online form permits you to apply for your Chinese eVisa in a few minutes. This way, you only have to worry about the personal interview at the local embassy and nothing else. You wouldn’t have to worry about anything else by using this service, which is why we highly recommend you to use it if you need your eVisa as fast as possible.

To learn more details about the Beijing Olympics 2022 Committee, continue reading the following questions. Keep in mind that by reading these FAQs, you’ll be able to get your China eVisa fast and easy.

Frequently Asked Questions / FAQs

What is a China eVisa?

Before traveling to China, it’s important to know if you need to get any special documentation first. Most foreign travelers need a China eVisa to enter, so it’s very likely that in your case you also need it.

This document is obtained after finishing an interview at the embassy, and it’s essential to have guaranteed entry at the airport. Keep in mind that to go to the interview, you need a pre-travel receipt, which you can obtain by completing an online procedure.

We recommend using to complete this procedure, otherwise, you could waste a lot of time in vain, as the paperwork is tedious and complicated when you do it by yourself.

Will I need the China eVisa to join the Beijing Olympics 2022 Committee?

If you want to join the Beijing Olympics 2022 Committee, keep in mind that you’ll probably need a China Business eVisa. In that case, we recommend you to enter first to see what requirements you need to apply online and attend the interview. Don’t forget that you’ll probably need any Chinese eVisa to enter the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022.

How many types of Chinese eVisas are there?

Before planning your trip to China to enjoy the Beijing Olympics 2022, remember that you’ll probably need to apply for a China eVisa. Also, there’s more than one type of Chinese eVisa, which is why you have to check what are your travel purposes first in order to select the correct eVisa. You might need a Business eVisa to join the Beijing Olympics 2022 Committee.

  • You could apply for the China Paper eVisa if you want to travel to China for tourism.
  • The Business eVisa on Arrival is another option if you’re planning a trip to that country for business or work.
  • The Chinese Group eVisa is the last option accessible if you want to travel to this country with your family or friends.

Do I need some documents to apply online first?

Before applying for your China eVisa, you’ll need a few documents first. The good news is that on we don’t ask you many things to apply, only the following list:

  • A hotel booking or reservation.
  • Your passport with a validity of at least 6 months.
  • Your current PayPal or credit/debit card so you can pay for the service.
  • A valid email address where you’ll receive your document and other useful information.

Enter to see the other documents that could be necessary to complete your application form.

What are the processing times and prices for the China eVisa?

As for the total price of your China eVisa, consider that it’ll depend on the processing time you select while applying, the type of eVisa, and also your country of origin. You can read the following information to have a general idea of the processing times with

  • Standard Processing Time: This is the least expensive alternative because it costs only . You get your confirmation email in .
  • Rush Processing Time: This option is faster, so it costs . You receive your confirmation email in only .
  • Super Rush Processing Time: By choosing this processing time you get your confirmation receipt in only . The total cost is .

The prices you see above are based on the China Paper Visa, so they might change depending on the type of eVisa you choose.

How can I apply for the China eVisa if I want to join the Beijing Olympics 2022 Committee?

Our application form is quite easy and safe to use. You only need to complete the following steps to successfully get your Chinese eVisa:

  • The first step you have to do is complete your online application form with your personal details like full name and passport ID. After that, select your processing time.
  • Second, verify the information you previously gave before paying for the service using your favorite debit/credit card or your Paypal account.
  • The last thing you have to do is attach the documents to the application form. After that, you’ll be able to obtain your confirmation email via email inbox.

Once you receive your confirmation receipt, print it and take it with you to the interview.

Is it safe to use’s service to obtain my China eVisa?

You can feel safe when using to obtain your travel requirements because this company has a reliable and modern system that safeguards your personal details. You can check our reviews to confirm this fact about our service.

Where can I find more information about this document?

If you want to read more details about the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022, visit Don’t forget to reach out to’s customer service at any time if you want to receive personal attention while applying.

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