Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 Volunteer Application
iVisa | Updated on Sep 12, 2023

To successfully enter Beijing, you need to have all the necessary documents on hand, including the China eVisa. This eVisa is mandatory for almost any foreign citizen, except those who are under the Chinese visa-waiver program. In case you have questions about the Chinese eVisa, we recommend you to read the information below so you can get to know all the latest details about this document.

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Something great that can be useful while planning your Chinese trip is the application form that designed. This application form allows you to apply for your Chinese eVisa in only 15 minutes so you have to worry only about the personal interview and nothing else. By using this service, you receive a confirmation email that you’ll have to print and take to the interview.

That would be all! You wouldn’t have to worry about complicated forms or time-wasting procedures at the consulate. The only thing you’d have to do at the consulate or embassy is the interview.

If you want to learn more about the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 Volunteer Application, continue reading the FAQs below. Another advantage of that information is that you’ll be able to learn how to apply for your China eVisa fast and easy.

Frequently Asked Questions / FAQs

What is a China eVisa?

More than 90 countries require a China eVisa before the departure. It’s quite possible that you need this document to visit China, even if you’re planning a Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 Volunteer Application.

The Chinese eVisa is an electronic travel pass that offers your valid entry into China. You have to fill in an online application form on to get this document as fast as possible, as it’ll speed up the process, making it necessary only to finish it with a personal interview. Once you finish the online process on, you receive a confirmation email, and you have to take it with you to the interview so you can get the actual eVisa.

We recommend you to use so you can be ready for your trip in a few days.

Will I need the China eVisa to use the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 Volunteer Application?

You’ll probably need a China Business eVisa to use the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 Volunteer Application. Therefore, we recommend you to check first to avoid any issues at the airport, especially if you’re planning a trip to China to enjoy the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022.

How can I know which Chinese eVisa is necessary for my case?

You can easily know which eVisa is mandatory for you depending on the type of travel you’re planning. If you want to visit China to enjoy the Beijing Olympics 2022, then you’ll probably need just a Paper Visa. However, you might need a Business eVisa depending on the circumstances, especially if you want to use the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 Volunteer Application.

Can I verify if I’m eligible for the China eVisa?

Yes, of course! You can use to verify if you need the Chinese eVisa or not. It’s quite easy to use our visa checker tool. You’ll have to write down your country of origin and pick China as the destination. That way, you’ll receive the information required in a few seconds.

Do I need some requirements to apply online?

Yes, you’ll need a list of requirements first to apply for your China eVisa. Just remember that this list of requirements might vary depending on the type of eVisa you decide to get. Another thing that can influence the list of requirements is your nationality, so always confirm the information on

Most of the time, you’ll only need the following to apply online:

  • A Hotel Booking.
  • Your valid passport with a scanned copy of the first page.
  • Your valid credit/debit card or PayPal so you can pay for the fees and the documentation required.
  • Your current email address because you’ll receive the information this way.

Other things might be necessary, so remember to visit to check the entire list.

What are the processing times and prices for the China eVisa?

Using our application system allows you to pay for your China eVisa in advance, but the total price might differ a little depending on certain circumstances. The first thing that might influence the prices is your nationality, followed by the type of eVisa and the processing time you choose with

As for the processing times, you can choose one of the following depending on your urgency:

  • Standard Processing Option: Which is the least expensive because it costs USD $149.99. You receive your confirmation email in 4 days.
  • Rush Processing Option: Which is faster, so it costs USD $150.99. By choosing this processing option, you get your confirmation receipt in 2 days.
  • Super Rush Processing Option: This processing option allows you to get your receipt in only 6 hours, but only if you pay USD $154.99.

Keep in mind that the previous prices were based on the China eVisa, so they’re not the same for the other eVisas. Also, these prices don’t include the Government’s fee, as those fees must be paid at the embassy.

How can I apply for the China eVisa if I want to use a Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 Volunteer Application?

You don’t need to do many things to complete’s application form. You’ll only have to complete these effortless 3 steps:

  • First, go to our online application form and complete it with your basic details before choosing the processing option you prefer.
  • Second, make sure that the information is correct so you can proceed with the payment using your debit/credit card or your Paypal account.
  • Third and last, don’t forget to attach the documents required to the form so you can send it. After that, you’ll obtain the confirmation receipt via email inbox.

Stay alert to your email inbox so you can know where you’ll get the confirmation receipt. This receipt must be printed before taking it to the interview.

Is it safe to use’s service to get my China eVisa?

Yes, it’s quite safe to use to process travel documents because it’s an authorized company that works with reliable protocols that won’t endanger the details on the database. That’s why we’ve received so many reviews in the last years, showing that we have a professional and safe service.

Where can I find more information about this document?

To learn more about the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 Volunteer Application, click on Also, contact’s customer service team if you need personal assistance while applying.

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