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China Business Visa for South African citizens
iVisa | 2 min read | Updated on Jan 06, 2024

China's bustling business scenes, from Beijing's financial districts to Shanghai's trade hubs, are open for exploration to South African entrepreneurs.

Securing your China Business Visa is a foundational step when planning your trip. It doesn’t matter if you’re an old pro in business or just starting out, having this visa is paramount.

We've made a comprehensive guide to assist with your visa application. With the help of our visa experts, you'll be ready to explore China's dynamic market landscape in no time.

China Night Buildings

Do citizens of South Africa need a China Business Visa?

For South African business individuals, the expansive commercial opportunities in China are unlocked with the China Business Visa.

Often called the M Visa, this travel document is your all-access pass to a variety of business pursuits in China, from attending pivotal conferences to exploring new trade avenues.

A prerequisite to this visa is an invitation letter. This is typically furnished by a Chinese corporate counterpart, an authorized institution, or an event organizer.

The letter typically includes information about the inviting entity and your personal details as well as an explanation of the nature of your visit.

How to get a China Business Visa from South Africa with us

When you use our service for your China Business Visa application, we prioritize a smooth and clear experience for you. Here's our approach to streamlining the process:

  • Step 1: Fill in your basic travel information on our site. You can also use our mobile app.

  • Step 2: Pay the fees using a debit card, credit card, or PayPal. Complete the rest of the application form and submit it. We will book an appointment on your behalf at the nearest Chinese Visa Application Center.

  • Step 3: On the day of your appointment, visit the China Visa Application Center to submit your application and supporting documents as well as for biometric collection.

After that, wait for your visa decision. Once your visa is approved, we will notify you, and you can continue with the rest of the preparations for your trip.

Once you submit your application, one of our agents will review your information and documents to ensure everything is in order before your appointment. If any issues arise, we will promptly notify you via email.

Contact us

For more information about the China Business Visa, South Africa passport holders can get in touch with our customer support team, who is always ready to help. Send us a message on our live chat or at [email protected].

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