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It’s not a surprise to anyone that the 2022 Beijing Olympics are closer every day and it’ll be an incredible event for sports fanatics. However, many people will have to apply for a China eVisa before entering Beijing, as this is a mandatory document for many foreign citizens. There is more than one type of Chinese eVisa, which is why you should visit before planning your trip to China, so you can verify which eVisa you’ll need.

What we can guarantee is that many countries have to get the China eVisa before departure. Another thing that we can guarantee is that this document isn’t difficult to get because you can easily apply for it via online application form, so you can speed up the general process and then just wait a couple of days for your interview.

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We recommend you to apply for your document through in advance so you can get your interview appointment as fast as possible. This method allows you to save much effort and time.

As for the Beijing Olympics 2022 Jobs, you should know that there probably will be many of them. But to apply for any of these jobs, you’ll have to get a China eVisa first. The good news is that you can apply for a Business eVisa at, so keep reading the FAQs below to learn more about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a China eVisa?

Most of the foreign travelers wishing to enter China must apply for a China eVisa before their departure. The Chinese eVisa is an automated travel document that grants your valid entry to China, but not before completing the online application form first. As soon as you finish the online form, you obtain a confirmation email to continue with the personal interview to obtain the eVisa at the Chinese embassy or consulate.

You can save a lot of time and effort by using With this webpage, you can get your confirmation email in a few minutes, and after that, you’ll only have to complete the personal interview and nothing else.

Will I need the China eVisa to apply for any of the Beijing Olympics 2022 Jobs?

Yes, the China Business eVisa will probably be necessary to apply for any of the Beijing Olympics 2022 Jobs.

How many types of Chinese eVisas are there?

You can apply for any of the following Chinese eVisas at, but consider that the Business eVisa on Arrival will probably be the one necessary to apply for the Beijing Olympics 2022 Jobs.

How do I know if I’m qualified for the China eVisa?

This information is available on Our service includes a Visa Checker that allows you to verify if you need this document or not. The only thing you have to do to use it is to write down your nationality and leave China as the country to visit.

What documents do I need to apply online for my China eVisa?

Take into account that the entire list of requirements for your China eVisa can change depending on the type of visa. However, we can give you the general list of documents you’ll need to complete the online application form. These are:

  • A Hotel Reservation.
  • A passport with at least 6 months of validity.
  • Your current credit/debit card or PayPal account so you can pay for all the fees.
  • An email address where you’ll receive the confirmation receipt.

The other documents required you can check them at We recommend you to do that so you can be ready once the interview date approaches.

What are the processing times and prices for the China eVisa?

The total price for your China eVisa can also vary depending on your nationality, the type of visa you choose, and also the processing time you select at By using, you’ll be able to choose one of the following processing times. Please consider that the prices below are an average for the Paper eVisa, but these might also change for other Chinese eVisas:

  • Standard Processing Option: This processing time lasts by paying . This price includes the government fee.
  • Rush Processing Option: This processing time costs you , but you’ll receive the interview in only .
  • Super Rush Processing Option: By choosing this processing time you’ll only have to wait , but you’ll have to pay .

As we mentioned in the Standard processing option, our prices include the Government fee. Nevertheless, if you apply for the China eVisa, you’ll have to pay for the Government fee at the embassy or consulate.

How can I apply for the China eVisa if I want to apply for the Beijing Olympics 2022 Jobs?

The application process to get the China eVisa is quite easy because you only have to complete this 3-step process:

  • First, fill in the online application form with your basic details before choosing the processing time you prefer.
  • Second, double-check the spelling of the information you offered, and after that pay for the service with the debit/credit card or the Paypal account.
  • Lastly, upload the documents required, attach them to the form, and click on ‘submit’ to send it so you can receive your confirmation email.

Print the confirmation receipt once you receive it so you can take it with you to the embassy meeting. Be ready to complete the interview and receive your eVisa in a few minutes.

Is it safe to use’s service to get my China eVisa?

Safety is an important concern at, we can guarantee that it's safe to use our forms because they work with a modern and updated system that won’t compromise any detail you write. Use whenever you wish so you can get ready to apply for any of the Beijing Olympics 2022 Jobs.

Where can I get more information?

Don’t worry if you still have questions related to the Beijing Olympics 2022 Jobs. If that’s your case, we recommend you to visit to receive more updates. You can also contact’s customer service to receive personal service via chat online.

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