How to obtain a Cuba visa?
iVisa | 3 min read | Updated on Oct 06, 2023

All travelers who need to go to Cuba, except for those who are nationals of visa-exempt countries, must apply for a Cuba Tourist card. At the same time, there are 20 nationalities who can get their Cuba visa only at the embassy. To check your eligibility, you can use iVisa’s Visa Checker. Insert you nationality, choose Cuba as your destination, and the information will reveal itself in just an instant. As for how you can obtain the document you need to enter Cuba, you have multiple choices such as going to an embassy, at a travel agency, airline, and you can even get a Cuba Tourist Card online.

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Going to an embassy has lost popularity among travelers because it entails a tedious process. You need to take a trip to the said embassy, maybe stand in line, fill in an application form and then you have to wait for your document. While the process itself is not complicated, it is time-consuming.

Travel agencies are another source of Tourist cards. If you plan a vacation to Cuba, the travel agency that provides the accommodation and what not will also throw in a Tourist Card. It is convenient, but not all people go on vacation through a travel agency.

You can also get a Cuba Tourist card at several airlines before you board your plane. It does not take long, but again, not all airlines have this option, which may prove to be a bit tricky for some people. At the same time, if you land in Havana, you have the opportunity of getting a Cuba Visa on Arrival. You need to go through processing at the Immigration Office, and it costs you 20 CUC (Cuban Convertible Pesos), which is the equivalent of $20.

The easiest way to get your Cuba Tourist Card

While all previous methods of getting a Cuba visa are valid and not so complicated, there is one way that everyone can enjoy with the same ease. You can use the services provided by iVisa and apply online. iVisa has designed a simple, fast, and efficient application process that can have your Tourist card ready in as little as 24 hours.

The application form put together by iVisa is reasonably simple, and you can be done with it in just 10 minutes at the most. You need to provide only your personal information and an expiry date for your passport. You make the payment, and iVisa will send you your confirmation letter via e-mail. After that, they will process your request and send you the Tourist card using one of the delivery methods you choose while filling in the application. You do not have to go anywhere, you can apply day or night, and you can refer to iVisa’s support service 24/7 if you need some help with your application.

Although you have multiple options to get your Cuba visa, you have to admit that the online application process is by far the most straightforward. It is less tedious, less time-consuming, and for a fee, you can have someone else handle the bureaucratic hassle. That is why we recommend that you apply online for the Cuba Tourist card and save yourself some trouble.

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