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Equatorial Guinea is a small country in Central Africa, and it consists of two parts, the mainland, and the islands. It is one of the most significant oil producers in the sub-Saharan, and since its discovery, the economy of the country boomed. Even so, Equatorial Guinea is known to have severe issues with corruption, so it should be of no concern for you to see officials receiving bribes. It is better to avoid any political discussions and focus on your vacation. There are many fantastic beaches in Equatorial Guinea, and you can go sight-seeing. Before you plan your trip to Equatorial Guinea, you should do some research on its visa policy should you need one. Since there are only 8 countries whose citizens can travel to Equatorial Guinea without a visa, chances are that you need to visit the nearest embassy and apply for a visa. The process may be a bit tedious, but it is your only option. Visas on arrival are not available, let alone electronic visas. To learn whether or not you need a visa for Equatorial Guinea, you can take a quick look at its visa policy, or you could use iVisa’s Visa checker. The second option is more straightforward and more useful. All you are required to do is select your nationality from the drag-down menu and choose Equatorial Guinea as your destination. If you do not need a visa, that’s fine. If you do, you will be given a list of the embassies you can use to apply. As you can imagine, since electronic visas are not available for Equatorial Guinea, we cannot process visa applications. Even so, we like to help in any way we can, which is why we can provide information. Our support service is at your disposal 24/7 and entirely free of charge. Before going to the embassy to submit your Equatorial Guinea visa application, you should see if you meet all the requirements. You can find them online, but we recommend you to call the diplomatic mission itself. It is the most reliable source of information. Websites are not always brought up to date, and that can lead to errors. Just give the embassy a call, and you will find out what you need to know. Nevertheless, what we can say is that you need a passport that is valid and remains as such for at least another 6 months from the date of arrival in Equatorial Guinea. You should always pay a visit to your doctor and request Malaria tablets. It is a significant cause of death in that area. For further information, contact the nearest embassy of Equatorial Guinea. While we cannot process the visa application for Equatorial Guinea at the moment, hopefully, its government will adopt the electronic visa system in the future. Until then, we hope that the information above is of some help and you know where to start. The process at the embassy may not be appealing, but it is your only option. We hope that you have a positive experience.