Quick and Easy Estonia ETIAS for Citizens of Australia

Quick and Easy Estonia ETIAS for Citizens of Australia

iVisa | Updated on Oct 28, 2020

There will be a new to enter Schengen and European Union countries starting in 2022. This will be through a travel authorization document that you can request through a system that is modeled after the ESTA used by the United States. It will be available only for citizens of countries that are not part of the EU or the Schengen Agreement but do not need a visa in order to enter these nations.

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Considering what has been going in the last few years, it’s no wonder that the governments involved are calling for new ways to protect their people from the dangers that they are facing now and will be facing in the future. And the means by which they would achieve this is through strengthening their collective border management protocols. They are aiming to properly investigate the backgrounds of all inbound travelers, and track their movements while they are inside EU and Schengen countries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quick outline of the ETIAS

The European Commission, the governing body who commissioned this new system, named it the ETIAS. This stands for the European Travel Information and Authorization System, and is tasked with checking documents and information about a traveler inbound to any Schengen or EU nation in an effort to boost security protocols and help avoid illegal migration. There will be a fee every time a traveler applies for an authorization but the service can last up to three years.

Civilian security is the primary reason why the system was created, and it is expected to perform admirably once it goes online in the second half of 2022. The full launch will be in 2023 and every traveler that needs an ETIAS is required to get one before traveling. Those who are not eligible need to get a Visa if they want to enter European borders.

Who is required to get an ETIAS authorization?

The ETIAS makes entry to Europe easier for people who are not citizens of EU or Schengen countries but are still not required to get a visa. And the system also ensures that visitors feel safe and secured while they are inside European borders. But in order to achieve these objectives, all ETIAS-eligible travelers will have to be checked for security credentials.

At the present time, the list of countries whose citizens will need an ETIAS is 62, and that list also includes Australia. This means that an Estonia ETIAS for Citizens of Australia will be essential for Aussies who wish to visit the European country. However, if the traveler is not eligible for the ETIAS, he will have to present a Visa.

How much time do I need to complete an application for the authorization?

Applications for the ETIAS will only be available online. Filling out the application form will only take less than 10 minutes, after which it will be submitted to the system and assessed.

The decision on whether to approve the application or not is expected to be available within 96 hours. In rare cases where additional documentary prerequisites are requested from the applicant, the approval could take up to 4 weeks. This means that the best time to request for the ETIAS authorization would be a month ahead of the scheduled trip to Europe.

Will infants and old people need to apply for the ETIAS?

Yes, all travelers from visa-exempt countries will need an approved ETIAS. However, if you are below 18 years or more than 70 years old, you will not be charged for the application. The system is as convenient as applying for a Visa.

Where would you get your ETIAS from?

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How can I contact you guys?

You can send an email to help@ivisa.com or call our reps at +1 (786) 460-2707 for questions or concerns. For more information, head out to iVisa.com to learn more.

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