News on France ETIAS Validity

News on France ETIAS Validity

iVisa | Updated on Apr 22, 2022

When you want to leave your routine behind and travel to discover ancient cultures and architectural amazements, you tend to think of Europe, the Old Continent. The number of tourists flying to the European countries is continuously rising, some Schengen-free, and others that go through the visa application process. As a result, the Schengen-zone has seen cautious about implementing the ETIAS authorization to verify more thoroughly that every tourist is no threat to the continent. That’s why to enter France, and other EU countries, specific countries will require an approved ETIAS document.

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The ETIAS application process will be done digitally and should take less than 10 minutes before the system requests the applicant to redo the process. If the travel document used during the application expires before the ETIAS, this one automatically becomes invalid.

This article will be your guide and offer you the most essential FAQs that can help you collect the necessary info before your next trip to the European countries. Don’t stress; the entire article will not take you long.

Important Information you should know about the ETIAS Validity in France

ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System) is the electronic system implemented by the European continent to apply for those countries that do not require a permit to enter the Schengen zone. The process to obtain it is straightforward but you need to have some specific documents to receive it.

What is ETIAS?

ETIAS is very similar to the U.S. Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) and has the main purpose of making a security check that the applicant is not a security threat to the Schengen Zone countries. The ETIAS is for any citizen from countries that do not require a visa traveling for up to 90 days.

Having a valid ETIAS will allow you to move around the Schengen countries not only for business and tourist purposes but also for medical and transit circumstances.

Will the ETIAS be mandatory for all countries?

The ETIAS will be a requirement for any traveler coming from or having the nationality of countries that are currently Schengen-free.

Can I visit any EU country with the ETIAS authorization?

No. The ETIAS authorization is only valid for countries in the Schengen Zone.

Does the ETIAS allow multiple entries to the EU?

Yes, part of the benefits of requesting an ETIAS is that their 3 years' validity includes multiples entries to the Schengen Zone.

What is the ETIAS validity for France?

After the ETIAS application is completed and submitted, the next step is to obtain an approved ETIAS travel authorization document, which is valid for 3 consecutive years after the issued date and includes multiple-entry permits. If your registered travel document expires before those 3 years, the ETIAS pass will no longer be valid.

How long can I stay in France with a valid ETIAS?

The length of your stay in each Schengen Zone country should be of no more than 90 days in a 180 day period. This rule applies to the entire 3 years of permit the ETIAS authorization provides the applicants.

Is the ETIAS authorization valid for all Europe?

The ETIAS system will be requested by any individual traveling to any country from the Schengen Zone but departing from a country that is currently Schengen-visa free.

List of data requested

Although the ETIAS application form is filled and submitted digitally to avoid paperwork and accelerate the authorization process, there is a list of documentation and facts you will have to consider when filling.

The process is easy and fast, but you must keep at hand your future travel itinerary, any medical condition, or criminal record. Whatever information not stated will be found by the ETIAS authorization process after submitting your form.

The info you should have close by while filling your application form is the following:

  • A valid biometric passport
  • An email address so you can receive any additional information related to the ETIAS application.
  • Information on the first EU country you plan on visiting
  • Background and eligibility questions such as medical conditions or criminal records.
  • A valid payment option such as credit/debit card to pay for the service fee.

This list of background questions about a medical condition, criminal records, and others may vary according to some countries of citizenship.

What are the processing times and prices with ETIAS?

For a favorable benefit of 3 consecutive years’ permit of multiple entries to the EU Schengen Zone, application for an ETIAS authorization will take no more than 10 minutes to fill and submit and have a cost of only €7. Once the payment is made, the application will go through the system process.

If the application form is correct, the system will read your information fast, see that you are eligible, and not a risk, giving you an approved authorization within minutes. On the other hand, if there’s an alert, the application will be passed on to a manual process and can take between 4 days to 2 weeks to reach a verdict.

I can’t find the answer to my question, where can I get additional info?

We’re always eager to help and solve any doubt you might continue to have throughout the online process. Contact us via chat, or read on’s website to find more data.

If you’re a member of a Schengen-free country you can register for a Visa Waiver Alert now and be ready for your next express visit.

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