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The Faroe Islands may not be the sunniest destination in the world, but it's definitely worth the trip. High cliff shores, breathtaking fjords, charming seaside villages, and the passageways through the mountains all make the Faroe Islands an ideal destination for those who are want to go exploring. However, before you take a trip to the Faroe Islands, you should know a few things about the visa process.

The Faroe Islands are part of the Kingdom of Denmark, but Denmark is not in control of their domestic affairs, so you may have to apply for a visa. While the Kingdom of Denmark is a part of the Schengen Area, the Faroe Islands are not, which means that a Schengen visa will not be valid for entry to the Faroe Islands.

Fortunately, the Faroe Islands government maintains open borders to travelers from the Schengen Area, so if you are from the EU or an Annex II nation, you just need a passport or an ID card. However, if you are from outside the Schengen Area, you must apply for a visa. You can do that at the nearest embassy of Denmark.

Aside from documentation, you should know that the best time to visit the Faroe Islands is May through August. Note that this is also the high season for tourists, and, unlike many other destinations, there is not much of a shoulder season. You'll know the season is over when the cafes close, the ferry stops running, and all the bars go into hibernation.

Be careful when packing your bags for the Faroe Islands because you will be hard pressed to find more unpredictable weather anywhere in the world. The skies are rarely clear and it can rain often, so make sure that you bring proper attire. Waterproof shoes are a must because wet and cold feet could spoil your trip with an unexpected illness.

Tourist activities and accommodation are still developing on the Faroe Islands, but you can still explore the wealth of nature offered - the views are worth the lack of fine dining.

The Faroe Islands is famous for plenty of roaming sheep. Everywhere you go, you will encounter sheep. In fact, there are more sheep than people! Keep in mind that you'll often encounter them (harmlessly) on the street.

You cannot possibly explore the Faroe Islands in just a few days. The Faroe Islands may be small, but they are big in scenery. As long as you prepare yourself properly, and you like an occasional adventure in the rain, you will have a wonderful trip on the Faroe Islands.

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