Discover France ETIAS for Citizens of Taiwan

Discover France ETIAS for Citizens of Taiwan

iVisa | Updated on May 19, 2022

Schengen Area countries extend the courtesy of visa-free entry to citizens of the EU and its fellow Schengen members. They also offer this gesture to 62 countries that are not part of either the EU or the Schengen Area. Citizens of these countries can now enter Schengen countries even if they don’t have a visa. However, soon they will need to apply for something else if they want to enter.

There are some conditions for visa-free privileges. If a person from the 62 countries cites business or travel as his purpose for the visit, he will be allowed to enter the host country. However, it should be noted that it means they will not be able to study or work without a visa. They will also be allowed to enter if they state medical reasons or transit as their purpose for entry.

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Even though they are not required to present a visa for entry, EU and Schengen member states may still oblige them to provide a Health Declaration Form. Make sure that you have all the necessary documents for your trip before setting off to avoid wasting time and money.

The amount of resources that the EU and Schengen member states put into looking for ways to enhance their border management systems is significant. They are looking for ways to monitor and manage the large number of people who cross their borders each day, primarily to reduce security risks. This is due to the desire of Schengen members to ensure that every visitor enjoys their trip and feels safe while they’re there.

To manage these issues and realize their vision of a safe and fun place to visit, the European Commission was prompted to create the France ETIAS. The goal of the system is to reduce the volume of threats to the security of citizens and visitors of the Schengen Area. Read on and learn about this revolutionary system.


What exactly is ETIAS?

The project is known as ETIAS, or the European Travel Information and Authorization System, and was designed by the European Commission to easily manage travelers that come from the 62 countries who have visa-free access to the Schengen Area and EU countries. Some of its features and functions are similar to the ESTA or Electronic System for Travel Authorization which is used by the United States, although the ETIAS will not be active until 2022.

The system aims to make it easy to determine if an eligible applicant is enough of a security threat to warrant a rejection of the application or not. It will conduct a stringent background and security check on the applicant using all the information it has access to.

It will use advanced tools and improved techniques developed to gather the information that it will need to make a security check. Once all the data is collected, it will be analyzed and a decision will be made whether the applicant is a threat to security or not. It has the capacity to constantly update the data and this will help the system perform all its tasks properly.

Is there a need for ETIAS?

France ETIAS is expected to assist in tightening security and monitoring the comings and goings of people from the 62 countries. The Schengen member states are determined to create a secure environment so their citizens and visitors feel safe and can enjoy their trip therefore creating effective checks to identify security threats is of the utmost importance.

The President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, said in a speech that Schengen countries need to know the people going through their borders and that the plan is to identify people who want to go to Europe before they arrive there.

You could say that ETIAS was born out of necessity due to a significant surge in the number of incidents involving terrorism. Schengen countries are looking for ways for travelers and citizens to be safe while inside their borders and ETIAS can solve the issue for them.

It is expected for ETIAS to considerably lower security threats and manage migration issues. The blueprint for the system makes it easy to classify travelers based on the risk that they would pose to the Schengen Area. When a person is classified as a high risk individual, his application will be rejected and he will not be allowed to enter.

Do you have to input personal information when you apply for the ETIAS authorization?

France ETIAS aims to make applications easy so the information collected on the form is not as detailed as when you apply for a visa. There is certain basic information needed such as the applicant’s full and correct name, information about his citizenship, or contact information. As the ETIAS main function is to tighten security, it will also require personal information like medical status and criminal records.

What documents do you need to apply?

It is expected that a valid passport will be required for the application. But there will be cases where the system will need the applicant to send a clear facial photo.

Will the authorization be valid for years?

The validity period of the authorization depends on how much of risk the applicant is judged to be is to the Schengen Area based on evaluations of information about him. There are two scenarios. In the first, the authorization is valid for 3 years. In the second, it is only valid as long as the document used to apply for it is valid.

Will the authorization grant multiple entries to Schengen countries?

Getting a valid France ETIAS authorization will allow you to enter any Schengen country multiple times but the visits must be 90 days or less, and happening within 180 successive days.

If I currently have a Schengen visa, will I need an ETIAS as well?

If you need a Schengen visa to enter the borders of the member states, then you are not from the 62 countries outside the EU with visa-free privileges from the Schengen states. This means that you will not need to apply for the ETIAS. You will not be allowed to apply for the ETIAS, in fact.

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Where do I find information about ETIAS?

The [ website] has the information you are looking for about the ETIAS, so you head out there and learn more. Or you can drop us an email at [email protected].

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