PCR Testing in Paris, France

PCR Testing in Paris, France

iVisa | Updated on Jun 04, 2021

It’s common to get regularly tested for covid. It’s a good practice to take a PCR test as it can assure you’re still covid free. The French Government has made sure to establish a policy that makes PCR covid testing available for everyone, residents, and tourists. There are plenty of sites to get tested, and even you can get PCR testing at the CDG and Orly airports.

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If you want a trip anywhere in the world, you may need negative results from a covid test. The good news is that you can get it all over Paris and for free. There is no need to have any symptoms or special circumstances to go for your covid test. Besides, you will need a Health Declaration before your trip. Most countries are requesting this health document to register your data before you step foot in the country.

For anybody entering France, they must have the Travel Certificate before landing in Paris. Health authorities request travelers to take a PCR covid test within 72 hours before they arrive. There is a quarantine requirement according to passengers’ country of origin. The quarantine period could last between 7 and 10 days.

PCR Testing in Paris, France is available for everyone. This is a great opportunity to visit France now.

How can I get a PCR test in Paris, France?

As stated before, the French government has made available free PCR testing all over Paris for anybody who needs it. There is no need to have any symptoms or have any previous procedure to have it done. Explore all your opportunities within the online portal of the French Government. You have the alternative to read it in English.

You could take a test at the airport by booking an appointment at the Paris-CDG or Paris-Orly airports. You can find all the information on the Paris Airports page. You can access this service only with your flight ticket, and you can take the test 72 hours before your flight. You only need to show the right documentation, and you will be sure to have your test before your trip.

Go for your PCR Testing in Paris, France, soon. Continue to be safe and don’t spread the virus during your trip.

PCR testing for travelers from France

If you want to explore other destinations with your French passport, it’s possible! Still, we recommend checking what you would need before your trip. You will need negative results from a PCR test as most countries are making this requirement mandatory. In France, you can opt for free testing in any government facility.

Also, check if you need a health declaration before your trip. This is a mandatory document that registers your current health state. Authorities use it to keep the COVID-19 spread under control. Continue checking all about the PCR Testing in Paris, France.

PCR testing in Paris, France for foreign visitors

The French government requests incoming visitors to show negative results from a PCR covid testing. You must take the test within 3 days before you land in Paris. This health guideline is mandatory for any traveler that is 11 years or older. You may need to quarantine according to where you’re coming from. If you’re arriving from Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, Chile, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Qatar, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates, you will need to be quarantined for 10 days. In case you’re coming from any other country, your quarantine will only last 7 days. In any case, you must take another PCR test at the end of your isolation period.

Remember that you need the Travel Certificate before your trip. Don’t worry about the process because iVisa.com can help you. We have a whole team ready to give you a hand with this health document. The PCR Testing in Paris, France, is simple. Trust us and start traveling!