Germany ETIAS for Citizens of Colombia

Germany ETIAS for Citizens of Colombia

iVisa | Updated on Feb 04, 2022

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Citizens of Colombia don’t need a visa to enter Germany. However, they will need a new authorization known as ETIAS. From 2022, travelers must obtain the Germany ETIAS as it will be mandatory. The Germany ETIAS for citizens of Colombia is possible with a 100% online process. has simplicity, speed, and security for processing the Germany ETIAS. Keep learning about the Germany ETIAS for citizens of Colombia below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ETIAS?

ETIAS is the European Travel Information and Authorization System. The ETIAS is a new mandatory document for all travelers who are exempt from a Schengen visa. The ETIAS system will be in place by 2022, but you can start preparing for this new process with now!

Go to the application page and explore more about the Germany ETIAS for citizens of Colombia.

I’m a citizen of Colombia. Should I apply for ETIAS?

Yes! Colombia is among the 62 countries that don’t need a Schengen visa to enter Germany. Therefore, citizens of Colombia must acquire the Germany ETIAS before entering the Schengen zone.

Can I visit other countries with Germany ETIAS?

Yes! The Germany ETIAS for citizens of Colombia allows entry to the 26 countries in the Schengen zone. Travelers will only need a single document to explore most of Europe!

Are you ready for this new adventure? Then head to the Visa Checker and confirm what countries in Europe accept the ETIAS authorization.

What is the validity of the Germany ETIAS?

The Germany ETIAS for citizens of Colombia is valid for a maximum of 3 years. In terms of stay, travelers can stay up to 90 days within a 6-month period in the Schengen zone.

Remember that the Germany ETIAS offers multiple entry benefits.

What are the requirements?

Citizens of Colombia must provide personal information and details about their plans in Germany. As well, they should answer questions related to security, such as previous visa rejections, if applicable.

Make sure you collect the next items:

  • A scan of your passport, your passport should be valid for at least 3 months after arrival.
  • A valid email address to receive the ETIAS document electronically.
  • Payment methods, has two alternatives for payment, pick between a Paypal or use a credit/debit card.

What are the processing times and fees?

The Germany ETIAS for citizens of Colombia has three alternatives:

  • Standard processing service, the cheapest option when you are willing to wait a reasonable time.
  • Rush processing service, receive the Germany ETIAS sooner as we will work faster.
  • Super Rush processing service, in case you need your travel document right away, then we will send it in record time.

What is the ETIAS process?

  • First, complete the information required in the online application and choose a processing time (Standard, Rush, or Super Rush).
  • Second, check your information and proceed to pay with a credit/debit card or a Paypal account.
  • Third, attach your passport scan.

In case you need help, we have an incredible customer support team ready to answer all your questions!

How will I receive the ETIAS authorization?

Electronically! The team will use the email address specified in the application to send you the Germany ETIAS to your email inbox.

Upon arrival, make sure to show your ETIAS authorization to immigration officers so you can enjoy Germany!

How safe is

100% safe! has been working with travel documentation for years and have had excellent results for all its previous customers. Explore the comments page and confirm is the best option for your travel requirement.

The Germany ETIAS for citizens of Colombia will only take you a few minutes with!

Where can I find more information?

Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team that is available 24/7. We can solve all your questions and guide you through the ETIAS process. takes away all the burden that comes with planning a trip to Europe! Let us help you so you can have a relaxing trip!

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