Germany Schengen Visa: Processing Times of Application
iVisa | Updated on Jan 16, 2023

The processing time for a visa application varies based on the application procedure and how long it takes for you to interview at the consulate or embassy. There are three processing speeds for the application review online: Standard, Rush, and Super Rush. Then, once you go for your interview, it usually takes about 5 business days to finish processing the paperwork to approve your visa.


The What, When, and How | Germany (Schengen) Visa Regulations

This article uses China as an example. Your requirements may vary, but most of this information applies to all travelers to the Area. Check out our Visa Checker Tool to see what your specific country's requirements are.

What is the German Visa Processing Time?

After your interview, the German Visa is processed within 5 business days normally. Before you attend your visa interview, you can complete the Germany visa application from your computer or phone with iVisa. The processing speed of the application will vary based on which option you select when you check out after filling out the application:

  • Standard Processing will take around 30 days to complete.
  • Rush processing will complete your application within 30 days.
  • Super Rush processing will complete your application within 30 days.

How long can I stay in the Schengen Area with a Germany (Schengen) visa?

You will be able to travel in Germany and the Schengen area at maximum of 90 days Per Entry.

Is there a certain number of time I can enter the Schengen Area with a visa?

Yes. The Germany (Schengen) temporary visa will grant visitors a Multiple Entry in the area, so plan your trip well. If you want to go to the UK or Ireland, you may need a separate visa since they are not part of the Schengen agreement.

When does the visa for Germany (Schengen) expire?

Validity is good for 5 years after issued.

What documents do I need for the visa application and interview?

  • Final Page Scan of Passport (if applicable) - The last page of your passport.
  • Passport Photo - Clear, colored photo with a white backdrop.
  • Departure Ticket - When will you be leaving? Show this information.
  • Former Education/Work History (if applicable) - If you're going for school or work, you'll need to show this.
  • Passport Personal Details - 6 months validity left from date of arrival and 3 blank stamping pages. Scan it and upload it with your application.
  • Accommodations - Do you have a reservation for a resort or hostel? Or do you have a letter from a friend or family member saying you are staying with them? Turn this in.
  • Enough Finances - You'll be required to prove you have funds to vacation with while in Europe as well as at least 30,000 EUR in medical insurance in case you injure yourself.

What's the price to get the Germany (Schengen) visa?

Germany (Schengen) visas normally are priced around EUR 60 which you'll pay after your interview. With the online application, you'll decide on a speed for us to process it which is a small fee:

  • If you choose Standard Processing, the processing price will be USD $170.99.
  • Applicants that choose Rush Processing will pay USD $171.99.
  • Super Rush Processing costs USD $175.99.

You'll have to pay for your actual visa when you go for your interview.

The Germany (Schengen) Visa as a Foreign National Requirements

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