Iceland (Schengen) Visa for Citizens of Afghanistan
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The citizens of Afghanistan love to explore the natural beauty and places with geological wonders. Therefore, Iceland is usually a must-visit travel destination for a lot of wanderlust in Afghanistan. Traveling to Iceland is not much of a hassle for the citizens of Afghanistan if they possess all the necessary documents required to enter the Schengen Area.

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If you are a resident of Afghanistan, you would require an Iceland Schengen Visa and a Pre-Registration form to enter Iceland. Fortunately, the process is not very tiring and doesn’t take up much of your time if you land on the correct platform to get the job done. Here comes the role of which assists you in getting an Iceland Visa without having to visit embassies and wait for days to get your visa. You can get them delivered to your mail as soon as you want them. Here are some answers to the commonly asked question about the Iceland visa.

Frequently Asked Questions

The main purpose of this section is to solve the general queries rising in the mind of Afghanistan travelers who will be visiting Iceland soon and need to get a visa via Keep reading to find out more stuff!

I have an Afghanistan passport, do I need to have a Schengen visa to enter Iceland?

Yes, if you want to visit Iceland, it is mandatory to have a Schengen visa apart from your Afghanistan Passport. Click here to apply for an Iceland Schengen visa right now, without much hassle.

Do I have to visit the Iceland embassy in Afghanistan if I am planning a trip to Iceland?

It is not necessary to visit the Iceland embassy in order to get an Iceland Schengen visa. You can easily get the documents from the comfort of your home by applying through Click here to start the process right now!

For how long can citizens of Afghanistan stay in Iceland after getting an Iceland visa?

The validity of the Iceland Schengen visa is up to 90 days starting from the date of arrival in Iceland. Hence, residents of Afghanistan can stay for up to 90 days in Iceland without having to renew their visas. You can click here to know more details about Iceland visas.

Is there any specific kind of visa required by citizens of Afghanistan in the airport of Iceland?

Yes, the citizens of Afghanistan have to procure a transit visa when they pass through any airport in Iceland, unless they are a resident of any Schengen country. You can also apply for a transit visa.

What documents are required to apply for an Iceland Schengen visa using the platform of

To apply with the super-efficient and convenient platform of, travelers of Afghanistan visiting Iceland must have the following documents:

  • A working email address: an e-mail address is necessary as your visa will be sent there.
  • Passport-sized photographs: make sure the picture is recent and clearly shows your face,
  • Your passport and copy of previous visas: there must be at least 2 blank pages in your passport and your visas must be valid for at least 3 months beyond your intended return date.
  • Travel health insurance having a minimum coverage of €30,000 within Iceland and the entire Schengen area.
  • Flight itinerary with complete details.
  • Hotel reservation details.

Are you ready to begin the process? If yes, then Click here!

What is the Iceland Schengen Visa and is it important for Afghanistani citizens while entering Iceland?

The Iceland Schengen visa is a mandatory document allowing citizens of Afghanistan to enter and stay in Iceland for a specific period of time and for a particular reason. You can easily apply for this visa by clicking this link.

What are the processing times and prices?

With, every citizen of Afghanistan that wishes to travel to Iceland has three options for the processing times of their visas. Depending upon the processing times, the prices differ. These options include:

  • Standard Processing: Following the standard process, your visa will be processed and you will receive it well in time before your trip.
  • Rush Processing: For people who require visas a bit earlier than the standard processing times, this is the best option.
  • Super Rush Processing: This is the fastest option meant for people who are in a rush to visit Iceland.

Click here to start your application process straight away!

How do I apply for an Iceland Schengen visa?

The application for an Iceland Schengen visa is fairly easy and straightforward, as we know how time-consuming and tiring filling out long forms can be. Therefore, we bring to you an effortless process that won’t take more than 20 minutes of your precious time. Follow these steps to apply for an Iceland visa:

  • Fill out your general information asked in the form. In the same step, you will be required to select your choice of processing time.
  • The second step involves going through the information you just provided and making the payment.
  • The last step involves attaching the scanned copies of documents mentioned in the previous question.

After you have finished the process, all you have to do is wait for the document to arrive. In case you need any assistance, you can always contact the support service with your queries.

Is it safe to use to get my Iceland Visa?

Many people are hesitant to provide their personal details online, fearing that the information might get into the wrong hands. But this is not the case with since the platform is boosted with high-class security features keeping all your personal information safe. You can check out the clients of who can vouch for our services.

I still have some questions, where can I get more information?

In case these questions weren’t enough, you can find more information here. If you want to ask some very specific questions, you can always contact our super customer support team who are ready to answer your query 24x7.

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