Iceland (Schengen) Visa for citizens of Nigeria
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Unlike the tropical climates of Nigeria, Iceland has a subpolar oceanic climate with notoriously varying weather. Apart from the breathtaking view, the citizens of Nigeria love the weather of Iceland.

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Iceland is one of the countries of the Schengen Zone which is why Nigerian citizens will require an Iceland Schengen Visa to enter Iceland. Applying for a visa is a long strenuous process but with the help of the right medium, it is easy. Here comes the role of making the otherwise tedious process of visa application extremely convenient and less time-consuming. You will find some frequently asked questions about the Iceland Schengen Visa.

Frequently Asked Questions

The main purpose of this section is to resolve all your queries with respect to an Iceland Schengen Visa. You can click this link to read more about it.

I have a Nigerian Passport, do I require a Schengen visa to enter Iceland?

Yes, in order to visit Iceland, it is essential to have a Schengen visa since Iceland is part of the Schengen Area. You can click here to find out more and apply for your Iceland Schengen Visa.

What are the steps that need to be followed in order to apply for an Iceland Schengen Visa?

Applying for an Iceland Schengen Visa is not a difficult task but it is tiring and time-consuming. For an effortless process, presents you with a much simpler option that makes the whole process easy. Follow these 3 basic steps to apply for your Iceland visa:

  • Visa Application Form: the first thing you need to do is fill the visa application form with the general information that is required. While you do that, do not forget to choose the type of Visa that you want.
  • Fees Payment: the next step involves making the payment for the application form.
  • Attach Documents this is the final step in which you must enclose all required documents to apply for your visa.

After the interview is over, you just have to wait until the documents arrive. In case you require any sort of assistance, you can contact the support service.

What are the processing times and fees associated with the Iceland Schengen Visa?

With the help of, you can avail of 3 different options. The fee depends on the time required to process the visa or the duration that you are willing to wait for the visa. The options provided are as follows:

  • Standard Processing: in this method, the standard procedure is followed. Your visa will be processed and delivered to you well in time for your trip.
  • Rush Processing: this method is for those who require their visas a tad bit earlier than the time taken by the standard processing. This is the most ideal and best option available.
  • Super Rush Processing: the fastest of all three options available. It is for those who are in a rush and need their Schengen visas as soon as possible.

You can click on this link to proceed with your application process.

What are the documents required for Indian citizens to apply for an Iceland Schengen Visa?

To apply for an Iceland (Schengen) Visa, you will have to submit several documents that are extremely crucial to the process. All the documents produced must meet the standards set by the embassy.

The main documents include the application form, recent passport-sized pictures, passport, residential evidence, travel insurance, a cover letter stating the purpose of visit and itinerary, proof of civil status, proof of sufficient financial means for the period of stay, flight itinerary reservation and proof of accommodation for stay. Click here to start the process now!

For how long can one stay in Iceland?

The validity of an Iceland Schengen Visa is up to 90 days after which you will have to re-apply for a new visa.

Is it safe to use to get my visa?

At first, everyone is hesitant to use online sites for their visas because they fear that their personal details might be misused. assures its customers high–end security and promises to protect your personal details. You can click here to check out the testimonies of the services availed by our clients.

I still have unresolved questions, where can I get more information on this matter?

If these questions weren't sufficient to clear your queries, you can find out more here. For specific queries, you can contact our customer support team who are available at all times to help you out.

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