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Known in the West as the birthplace of civilization, Iraq was home to the Babylonian and Assyrian empires, which remain some of the oldest on record. In fact, they often are the marker of when 'history began'! However, due to imperial conflicts in more recent history, tourism in Iraq has gone severely overlooked. Some regions such as Mosul remain dangerous, but the semi-autonomous state of Kurdistan is quite safe.

Before you travel to Iraq, you need to see if you require a visa - chances are that you do. There are no visa exemptions for Iraq, although 8 nationalities can obtain a visa on arrival at Al Najaf International Airport. This 'on arrival' allowance is largely due to the fact that most tourists who travel to Iraq actually just want to visit the quasi-autonomous state of Kurdistan. As a result, nationalities who visit Iraqi Kurdistan can enter the region without a visa and stay for between 15 days and 30 days, depending on the country of origin. The rest of the world will need to obtain a visa before they travel to Iraq.

If you want to find out if you need a visa, you can look at Iraq’s online policy, although we recommend you use our Visa Checker Tool located in the top right corner of this page. Simply choose your country of origin in the left drag-down menu, and put Iraq in the right menu. In seconds, the Visa Checker lets you know if you need a visa or not. Moreover, if you do need a travel document, the tool provides a list of the nearest embassies.

Unfortunately, iVisa does not currently process visa applications for Iraq. However, we still like to help all travelers, which is why we offer a free 24/7 support service, should you have any questions about visa application processes.

Before going to the embassy and apply for your Iraqi visa, you must ensure you meet all your nationality's specific requirements. You are free to do that via internet, but we think that online info should be used as a reference only. It is always best to contact the issuing authority itself and ask your questions there. While there is a lot of information online, it is not always up-to-date, leading potentially to critical visa application errors. On the other hand, iVisa can tell you that, as a general requirement, you'll need a passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of your arrival in Iraq.

We regret that we cannot assist you with the visa application process, but we that the above information is helpful. If you have other questions, feel free to contact iVisa.

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