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Italy (Schengen) Visa for Citizens of China

Italy (Schengen) Visa for Citizens of China | iVisa
iVisa | Updated on Jan 26, 2023

Travelers coming from China will be tested on arrival.

Italy is the preferred destination by most people worldwide for its fantastic attractions that will blow your mind. However, visiting this country means you will need to obtain the Italy (Schengen) Visa for Citizens of CHINA. Luckily, iVisa.com is the best choice to know how to get your document. Although we don’t offer this product yet, you will learn about our straightforward procedure.

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What do I need to do to get the Italy (Schengen) Visa for Citizens of CHINA?

It is a simple process that does not take more than ten minutes to complete. We prepared the following steps that you can do whenever you want.

  • Fill out the application form here and give us relevant information about yourself and your trip. Don’t forget to choose the processing time for your document (standard, rush, or super rush).
  • Pay the government’s fees and the price for the service. You can use any means of payment you prefer.
  • Upload the required documents, and submit your request.

That’s how you can obtain your Italy (Schengen) Visa for Citizens of CHINA with iVisa.com.

Why should I apply in advance?

There are many advantages of doing so: You will receive your document before anyone else, and you will be ready for your trip, avoiding any delays or inconveniences to get your document.

Find out more about the Italy (Schengen) Visa for Citizens of CHINA in the following section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Italy (Schengen) Visa for Citizens of CHINA?

The Italy (Schengen) Visa for Citizens of CHINA is a required document that all visitors from China must present before their arrival to any Schengen country. It grants them access for three months during 180 days. Although it might sound challenging to obtain, it is not! *iVisa.com will help you get in the simplest way possible. You will receive guidance from experts throughout the process while you wait patiently at home.

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What are the required documents to apply for the Italy (Schengen) Visa for Citizens of CHINA?

If you want to get the Italy (Schengen) Visa for Citizens of CHINA, you will need to provide us the following documentation:

  • Two passport size photos.
  • A valid Chinese passport.
  • Medical insurance.
  • Health insurance.
  • A letter that explains more details about your trip, the places you will visit, proof accommodation and other information related to yourself.
  • A bank statement that confirms you have enough money to afford your journey.

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How much does it cost to apply?

Currently, iVisa.com does not offer this service yet. However, we usually provide three possible alternatives to obtain your Italy (Schengen) Visa for Citizens of CHINA.

  • Standard Processing Time: It is one of the slowest alternatives and the most affordable.
  • Rush Processing Time: You receive quick service, but its price rises.
  • Super Rush Processing Time: It is the fastest and most expensive option.

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Should I trust iVisa.com?

Yes, you should! iVisa.com is the perfect alternative for most travelers worldwide because of the fantastic service they will receive. Moreover, their information will be protected from third parties at all costs. That’s why most customers prefer our services as you can check here.

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Where can I find out more about the Italy (Schengen) Visa for Citizens of CHINA?

If you want to learn more about the Italy (Schengen) Visa for Citizens of CHINA, you can contact our customer service team. They will help you whenever you need it. You can also send them a message to [email protected]

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