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Some Brief Info on the Italy ETIAS for Citizens of Ukraine

Some Brief Info on the Italy ETIAS for Citizens of Ukraine
iVisa | Updated on Nov 20, 2020

Like all other country leaders in the world, the European Commission is looking out for ways to improve on the existing protocols for border management, security and monitoring that would ensure the safety and security of people within the borders of European Union member states. The region has, for a long time, been a popular destination for illegal migrants. That instilled the need for a modern vetting system to be implemented on EU borders as soon as possible.

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The ETIAS, an acronym for European Travel Information and Authorization System, is the result of the search for a viable method of evaluating potential visitors to the EU. The system will assess each applicant and measure the risk that they pose for the host country, and make a decision based on that assessment. The ETIAS is expected to streamline and simplify the process for entering the EU member states, as well as to improve safety protocols by leaps and bounds, making border officials more confident in their ability to protect the people within their borders. When the system goes online, that is when the Italy ETIAS for Citizens of Ukraine can take center stage. You should keep iVisa.com at the front of your mind when planning your next trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I allowed to apply for the ETIAS?

The main reason why the ETIAS was conceived is due to the fact that the leaders in the EC realized the need to simplify the process of entry into the Schengen Area, as well as to secure the citizens and visitors to the region. The system is also expected to be able to track the visitors that are citizens of countries that are not part of the EU but still possess visa-exempt status from the member countries.

Prior to the ETIAS being operational, EU border officials will have very little information about the travelers from these countries. This could develop into a situation where a traveler that has not been inspected by the ETIAS turned out to be someone that compromised the safety and livelihood of the people in the region. The task, then, for the system is to make sure that only the applicants who show that they are no threat are allowed inside its borders. If the traveler is not qualified to use the Italy ETIAS, then the next best option is applying for an eVisa.

How many days will I wait for my authorization?

The application itself takes no more than 10 minutes to complete. After you fill it out, it is submitted to the ETIAS central unit where information about the applicant is gathered and evaluated. The decision can then be made within a period of 96 hours or less. If the application requires more information from the applicant, the decision will be available in no more than 28 days.

How long can I use the ETIAS?

The ETIAS can be valid for up to 3 years, or until the passport used in the application expires. The validity period is based on the evaluation the system will make. You can use the authorization to stay within a Schengen country for no more than 90 days in a period of 180 days. Travelers who are not allowed to use the ETIAS can still apply for an eVisa.

Do I have to use iVisa.com for travel document applications?

The simple answer is “Yes, you do.” The iVisa.com platform will obtain the document that you want every application, right down to the Italy ETIAS for Citizens of Ukraine. And the website protects your information so that it won’t be accessed by unauthorized persons.

What is the best way to get more information?

For information relevant to the ETIAS and travel documents, simply head out to the iVisa.com website. For other questions and concerns, leave us an email at [email protected].

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