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IMPORTANT NOTE: Since March 28th, 2022 the Lebanon COVID-19 MOPH Pass is no longer needed to enter the country.

The Lebanon Covid-19 MOPH Pass is a health screening that was designed to monitor the health of incoming visitors in an effort to overcome the risks related to the coronavirus pandemic. All visitors to Lebanon must complete this document to be allowed entry.

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All travelers to Lebanon must complete the form.

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To obtain this document, you must provide information about yourself, your trip and health status. You must own a confirmed flight ticket to complete the form. Check the testing FAQ below to find out more about COVID-19 test requirements to enter Lebanon.

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We’ll forward the completed Lebanon Covid-19 MOPH to you via email before your trip, so you can show it to the immigration officials when you get to the airport.

Refer to the FAQs below to find out the quarantine rules for incoming passengers in Lebanon.

Required Documents to Apply
  • None

Important Instructions
  • All passengers travelling to Lebanon must fill the Covid-19 MOPH Pass online before departure, as required by the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health.

  • The Lebanon Covid-19 MOPH Pass is a Single Entry document and expires 15 days after arrival allowing a max stay of 90 days Per Entry.

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No, you don't. As of today, COVID vaccination passports or certificates are not mandatory to enter Lebanon.

Since information may change quickly, we advise you to follow up on the latest Lebanon travel updates and/or contact your local embassy.

  • COVID testing requirements: There are no testing requirements.
  • Quarantine requirements: There are no quarantine requirements.
It is a virtual form that all travelers who plan to go to Lebanon must present upon arrival in that country. Using this Covid-19 MOPH Pass, government officials will be able to contact you in the event that you or the people you’re traveling with are found to have been exposed to COVID-19. Get started.
Yes, indeed. Once you get to the airport, the immigration officials will ask you to show them your Lebanon Covid-19 MOPH Pass to allow you to enter the country. Get started.

To learn the final price, you must first choose the processing speed for your application. We offer the following options:

  • Standard: 24 hours - USD $25.49.
  • Rush: 8 hours - USD $47.99.
  • Super Rush: 4 hours - USD $80.99.

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It is recommended that you request your Covid-19 MOPH Pass at least 72 hours prior to your departure to Lebanon. However, with iVisa.com you can apply as far in advance as you wish, and we will make sure we process your application at the right time so that your document is valid for the duration of your entire trip. Apply now.
All you have to do is complete the application form with your personal information and travel details, and attach any necessary documents. Once submitted, our team will attend to your request and forward the document to your email. Get started.
Not long! Completing this online form will only take you approximately 10 minutes. Apply now.
This Covid-19 MOPH Pass is valid for 15 days after arrival, so be sure to use it within that period. When you apply with iVisa.com, simply let us know the dates of your trip and we will make sure your Lebanon Covid-19 MOPH Pass is valid for your whole journey. Apply now.
You can use this document for a Single Entry. If you want to enter the country again, you must request a new one. Get started.
Yes, the Lebanon Covid-19 MOPH Pass is available for free elsewhere. Even so, you’ll save time by applying for this document with iVisa.com and having it on hand before your trip to Lebanon. Furthermore, at iVisa.com you can fill in the online application form in any language you prefer, and our team of professionals will always ensure that your application doesn’t have any issues. Get started.
If you have any doubts, you can get in touch with our visa expert team here. They’re available 24/7 and they will gladly answer all of your questions. Get started.
Lebanon is home to delicious cuisine, incredible beach resorts, amazing nature, and the hedonistic city of Beirut. In this country, you can also meet fiery orators and the foot soldiers of Hezbollah, which is why this place has a lot of Palestinian and Syrian refugees. It might have been damaged by many civil wars and interventions, but this country is still blessed with beautiful mountain views, majestic ruins, and friendly people. That’s why it can be an exciting destination for any traveler. It might be a small territory in the Mediterranean, but it’s an important nexus point between the Middle East and the West, which is why it has an interesting mix of tradition and modernity within its culture. In this place, family and religion are important and the local citizens tend to be welcoming and charming with tourists. Lebanon is an incredible place to visit. Foreign citizens need a valid passport and the Lebanon Covid-19 MOPH Pass to enter. The Lebanon Covid-19 MOPH Pass is a pre-travel requirement that the Lebanese government launched in order to slow down the spread of the COVID-19 contagion. We recommend you to always check iVisa.com for more details as we constantly update our information related to travel documents. Lebanon is full of rich cultural heritage. This heritage combines ruins of temples, castles, and statues with modern artworks including paintings from this century. You’d be surprised by the passion this country has for culture, and that’s obvious when you go to the local museums. If you visit the National Museum of Beirut, you’ll be able to explore more than 100,000 objects of different ages, but keep in mind that most of them are antiques. At least 1,300 of these artifacts range from prehistoric times to the Mamluk period. The museums established in this country are important to preserve this rich heritage and proof of its unique history. They’re also important because the idea is to make this heritage accessible to the public, so be sure to visit them. Aside from the Museum of Beirut, don’t forget to visit the Sursock Museum, the Gibran Museum, and the Audi Soap Museum, to mention a few. While visiting the museums don’t forget to be careful with health requirements, including social distancing and the use of face masks if necessary, especially while COVID-19 is still an issue. That’s why this country asks you to have the Lebanon Covid-19 MOPH Pass prior to departure. Remember that you can apply for the Lebanon Covid-19 MOPH Pass with iVisa.com’s service. You cannot forget about Beirut when traveling to Lebanon. This is a modern capital with a prestigious past, which is why it’s the home of more than 1 million people, and it’s also the heart of Lebanon’s cultural and economic hub. The beauty of Beirut is reflected everywhere, especially in its architecture. A good example of this is the Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque, also known as the Blue Mosque, which stands out for its detailed structure and mosaics. This building is a must-see tourist spot in the entire city. Also, don’t forget that Beirut is the city with the most museums in Lebanon, so don’t forget to visit them. Another region that you cannot forget when visiting Lebanon is the Beeka Valley. This valley lies between the Western mountainous chain and the Eastern chain and is an entry point to North Syria and Palestine. However, nowadays it is considered the richest agricultural area in the country. That’s why you can find many farms, and fields (especially vineyards). The locals here tend to be very friendly and willing to give you some food or wine to taste. We recommend you get your camera ready while walking along this road as you’re likely to find incredible animals and beautiful landscapes. The Bekaa is famous for its multiple archaeological sites, including the Temple of Bacchus. This temple is one of the largest and best-preserved in the world, surpassing the Parthenon in Athens. In 1984, the entire place was declared a World Heritage Site. Schedule at least one entire day of your trip to explore this place. Before scheduling your trip, don’t forget to prepare all of the requirements needed first. This is something you can do in a few minutes. Keep in mind that all foreigners must have a valid passport and a Lebanon Covid-19 MOPH Pass to enter Lebanon. Having the Lebanon Covid-19 MOPH Pass is necessary while COVID-19 lasts because this way you guarantee that you’ll be following all the necessary health measures in the country. If you want to learn more about the documents required to enter Lebanon, don’t forget to enter our FAQs page. If you enjoy being surrounded by beautiful sceneries, don't forget to take a walk through Wadi or Ouadi Qadisha, also known as the Holy Valley. This valley is another UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998, as it’s full of Christian Maronite monasteries, which surprise not only for the architecture but also for the beautiful landscapes around. Many people believe that because it’s an important country in a part of the Middle East, there’s no way to find snow, but this isn’t true. In fact, in Lebanon, you can enjoy all four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. During winter, you can visit Mzaar Kfardebian, a snowy terrain that has the largest ski resort in the Middle East. It’s only an hour from Beirut, so it’s not difficult to get to either. There are many things you can enjoy in Lebanon, from its unique views to its incredible architecture. But, to enjoy all of these touristic spots, you must remember to apply for the Lebanon Covid-19 MOPH Pass as it’ll be required upon arrival. You don’t need many things to apply for the Lebanon Covid-19 MOPH Pass, with a valid passport and a few basic requirements (including your email and a payment method) you’ll be fine. It might sound too easy and that’s thanks to iVisa.com’s services, which allows you to apply in a few minutes and just wait for your document in the comfort of your home. Having the Lebanon Covid-19 MOPH Pass is mandatory to enter Lebanon, so be sure to apply for it before continuing with your trip planning.