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Traveling to Madagascar is not possible unless you get a visa. Fortunately, you can obtain a visa at the border on arrival, through a foreign representative such as the Embassy of Madagascar or using an online eVisa application, and iVisa can help with the process.

The easiest and most recommended way of applying for the visa to Madagascar is through the online eVisa site. The eVisa application should be submitted at least 3 days before arrival. Take into consideration that the document you receive is known as Landing Authorization and it allows you to enter Madagascar for a certain amount of time.

To learn more about the online application process, read the answers to the most frequently asked questions listed below.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Can citizens of India apply for a Madagascar visa online?

The answer is yes, but this document is known as Landing Authorization. All nationalities can apply online for a Madagascar visa unless they are visa-exempt. The citizens of India are not part of the Madagascar visa-exempt countries.

What is a Madagascar Landing Authorization?

The Madagascar Landing Authorization or Tourist e-Visa on Arrival is a document that must be issued to all those who want to visit Madagascar for tourism purposes.

Once the application form is submitted and accepted, you will receive the Landing Authorization and it must be shown to the immigration officers upon arrival in Madagascar. Once you arrive, you will have to pay a fee in person according to the visa validity you prefer.

What do I need to apply for a Madagascar Landing Authorization online?

You will be pleased to learn that you do not need much to apply for a Madagascar Landing Authorization online. Here is what you must have at hand during the application process:

  • Passport – all applicants must be passport owners. Plus, this document must remain valid for at least another 6 months from the date of arrival in Madagascar. Two blank pages are also necessary.
  • Photo – you must ensure that the picture was taken recently. The background needs to be white. You should also carry two passport size photos to attach to the application.
  • E-mail address – the Madagascar Landing Authorization arrives via e-mail, which is why you need to provide iVisa with a valid address.
  • Means of payment – an online application process requires a method of payment that allows you to pay online. iVisa accepts credit and debit cards, but you can use PayPal as well.

Does the Madagascar Visa have special requirements?

The embassies of Madagascar will also handle visa applications for the citizens of India. Applicants are required to carry a copy of their eVisa at all times during their stay. Once the first 60 days finish, visitors are able to apply for a visa renewal at the Madagascar Immigration Office.

What are the Madagascar Visa processing time and fees?

The Madagascar e-Visa on Arrival cost depends on the processing timeframe you select during the application process. The prices below don't include the government fee which you must pay upon arrival.

  • Standard processing for 30 days – it takes 7 days for your application to be processed, and you must pay USD $49.99.
  • Rush processing for 30 days – your visa arrives within 4 days, and you are charged USD $102.99.
  • Standard processing for 60 days – it takes 7 days for your application to be processed, and you must pay USD $49.99.
  • Rush processing for 60 days – your visa arrives within 4 days, and you are charged USD $102.99.

How can I apply for the Landing Authorization?

You can start filling in the online form once you have collected all of the things you're required. You also have to complete the following steps:

  1. Firstly, you need to give general info. In this part, you also choose the type of your VOA and the processing time. Those factors will help determine the cost.

  2. The second step will require you to do a revision of the information provided and make the payment.

  3. The third step is where you have to upload additional documents.

Keep in mind that getting a Landing Authorization for Madagascar does not give you an automatic right of entry. The immigration officer at the port of entry may refuse entry to any person.

How long is the Madagascar Visa valid for?

The 30 days Madagascar Visa is valid for 30 days after arrival. This is a Single Entry visa, and the maximum stay is of 30 days Per Entry.

The 60 days Madagascar Visa is valid for 60 days after arrival. This is a Single Entry visa, and the maximum stay is of 60 days Per Entry.

Is it safe to get my Landing Authorization with iVisa's services?

Yes, defiantly! We have a skillful team that has been issuing Landing Letters for more than 6 years, so you can feel sure that you're working just with the best possible to make your journey easier.

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How does this eVisa on Arrival look like?

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I still have doubts, where can I find more information?

You can chat with one of our customer service agents, or you can read here to get more information about the visas available.

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