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Due to recent measures taken by governments to tackle Covid-19, visitors will be required to present Health Declarations, Medical Declarations, or Self-Declarations Health Form for entry Madagascar. iVisa.com, in its effort to help all customers fulfill their travel dreams, designed these required documents for you to travel safely.

It DOES NOT replace a visa. If your country requires a visa, the immigration officers will ask for your Visa when you enter the country. Keep in mind some nationalities will require a paper visa. If that is your case, we suggest you contact your local embassy.

Required Documents to Apply
  • None

Important Instructions
  • Only complete this form if you are planning to travel within the next 3 months. Requests to travel outside of 3 months will not be considered. Check the website regularly as travel restrictions are subject to change.

  • All travelers arriving in Madagascar must undertake a mandatory 14-day quarantine at designated facilities in their port of arrival.

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Baobabs, lemurs, deserts, rainforests, and many spots to go hiking and diving are some of the things that make Madagascar so famous. This country is a dream destination for adventurers who love getting lost in nature. Besides, if you’re a wildlife enthusiast, then you’ll love to go on safari here because 5% of all known animal and plant species can be found in Madagascar, and ONLY in Madagascar.

You might associate Madagascar with lemurs of course, as this is the signature animal, but there are many more weird creatures and plants like baobabs, orchids, mongoose, etc. The list is long and fascinating!

But, to enter this nation and enjoy its environment, it’s necessary to count on certain travel documents, including a Madagascar Health Declaration. We understand that it might be tedious to prepare time-wasting paperwork, which is why we’ve created a system that can process your Madagascar Health Declaration within a few minutes, and be aware that you won’t need to spend much effort on it. Applying for this document is as easy as surfing on your favorite website, trust us.

We can also help you get ready for your trip to Madagascar by giving you some key points like which places you should visit and what you can expect from them. Madagascar has many things to offer, so it won’t be difficult for you to visit famous tourist spots, and you surely won’t get bored.

One of the highlights in Madagascar is its nature, especially when we talk about epic landscapes. The fauna and flora of this country are notorious thanks to the country’s biodiversity, meaning that you can go from rainforest to desert in about 300km (that won’t take you more than 3 hours by car).

Few countries on Earth offer this intense variety of nature, so you should take advantage of it. To give you an idea, here you can find numerous sandstone canyons, high mountains, fertile hills, limestone karsts, and an amazing laterite-rich soil that gave the country its famous nickname (‘Red Island’). By the way, if you love beaches, you’ll be happy to know that Madagascar has around 500km of coastline, so the sea is never too far.

A good example of Madagascar nature is the Parc National Isalo because it represents very well the art of the desert canyon. With a vast yellow savannah, vertical rock walls, and deep canyon floors shot through with rivers, this place is a must if you want to explore the country’s natural beauty. Just imagine being surrounded by lush vegetation and swimming lakes filled with sunlight, and that it will all culminate in an extraordinary sunset...as you imagine, it can be something unforgettable. All of these benefits, plus easy access off the RN7, makes this park the most visited in the entire country.

If you’re more into Island adventures, then you won’t be disappointed with Madagascar, as it has many places to enjoy a getaway. Here, you can enjoy off-road driving and many remote resorts. Some of these resorts are so remote that you’ll have to take a private plane or boat to get there. As a plus, Madagascar offers some interesting spots to practice hiking, diving, mountain biking, and many more.

What better island to escape from noisy sounds than Nosy Be? This is Madagascar’s number-one beach spot, and not for less because this island has all the necessary things to make it so precious: pristine waters, soft white sand, and delicious seafood.

This is a paradise for those who enjoy water-based sports like diving and fishing as its sunny climate stays intact most of the year. Many tour guides offer excursions to the surrounding islands, which are also full of crystal-clear waters and whitish sand, plus, they’re excellent for practice diving.

Another island that you should visit is Île Sainte Marie, as it has all the ingredients to make your holiday a memorable experience. This 57km-long island is full of thin vegetation and turquoise waters that mix very well with the silky white sand.

The port of Ambodifotatra is the only sizable town and it’s a part of the way up the western coast. In the southern area, you’ll find lined-up hotels and resorts that don’t overshadow the relaxing setting, it only enhances its beauty. Plus, you can keep on walking ‘til you reach the small island of Île aux Nattes, a tropical paradise where you can easily relax and enjoy peaceful surroundings.

While staying in Madagascar, do not forget to visit Allée des Baobabs, one of the most recognizable images in the country. This small stretch of the RN8 is bordered on both sides by the impressive Adansonia grandidieri baobabs. Some of these baobabs may be more than 1000 years old, which makes their huge, gnarled branches more fascinating. Locals have nicknamed these trees as ‘roots of the sky’.

If you’re looking for lemurs, don’t worry, you’ll find them by visiting Parc National Andasibe Mantadia. The dense, muggy mountain rainforests of this park are filled with the hooting and wailing of 11 different varieties of lemur including the famous fabled indris. Many of these beautiful creatures are so well-adapted to human visitors that they won’t even bother to recognize approaching people.

Madagascar is full of beauty that won’t disappoint you, but it’s necessary to get some travel documents before arriving at the airport. Please remember that the Madagascar Health Declaration is mandatory by now because of the current health emergency (coronavirus outbreak). That’s why the application to get the Madagascar Health Declaration isn’t difficult. It is, in fact, quite easy.

You can apply for the Madagascar Health Declaration by using our platform. We’ll only ask you to have basic items like your passport, a scanned copy of the passport’s information page, your email address, a valid payment method like debit or credit card, and a COVID-19 PCR test if necessary.

The application for this document won’t take you more than 20 minutes, and after that, you’ll be ready to receive your Madagascar Health Declaration by email inbox. Print a copy and take it with you to the airport to avoid problems upon arrival.