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Malawi e-Visa for Citizens of Vietnam
iVisa | 3 min read | Updated on Jan 22, 2024

The Malawi Department of Immigration and Citizenship released its electronic visa program since November 2019. After applying online for a Malawi e-Visa, when approved, you will receive a digital visa. Obtaining an e-Visa for Malawi is a simple, secure process that should only take you a few minutes to complete. Malawi is referred to as “the warm heart of Africa” because of the generosity and friendliness of the people there.


Questions & Answers | The Malawi e-Visa

What is an e-Visa?

The Malawi e-Visa allows you to enter Malawi legally with a digital visa that functions as a paperless, legal visa, and is electronically linked to the information contained in your personal passport.

What does a digital passport look like?

Malawi e-Visa Sample Picture

What is the processing time for a Malawi e-Visa?

  • Standard Processing takes about 9 days to approve your application.
  • Rush Processing takes approximately 9 days to approve your visa application.
  • Super Rush Processing takes only about 7 days to approve the online application form for travel documents.

What will the e-Visa cost?

The cost of applying for a visa online is based on your processing speed selection, plus the visa cost.

  • Standard: With Standard Processing and your visa cost, the total is USD $211.99.
  • Rush: With Rush Processing and your visa cost, the total is USD $157.99.
  • Super Rush: With Super Rush Processing and your visa cost, the total is USD $216.99.

How many entries am I allowed as a Malawi visa holder?

The e-Visa for Malawi is a Multiple Entry visa.

When will my e-Visa expire?

As a Vietnamese citizen, you will have 180 days after issued to use your visa before it expires.

How do I bring my child with me?

Children will need the following to apply for entry into Malawi:

  • Birth Certificate of Minor - If you are bringing a minor, you need to bring their birth certificate (not a Certificate of Birth) along with you
  • Guardian Passport Page Scan - You will need to provide a scan of your own personal passport information bio page.
  • Minor Letter of Consent - You can easily find free templates for letters of consent to travel online.

What is the maximum amount of time I can stay in Malawi with a visa?

Every visa has a limit on how long you can stay in a foreign country. Make sure to plan your trip accordingly so you leave before your last day.

The maximum stay with this visa is 90 days Per Entry.

What do I need to apply for an e-Visa?

You will need to have the following digital images to apply for an e-Visa:

  • Your Recent Photo - A recent standard passport photo.
  • Passport Bio Page - The bio page of your passport Please make sure that your passport is valid from six months after the first day of your planned visit to Malawi.
  • Proof of Accommodation - Your hotel itinerary, or host’s information, including details of your stay.
  • Proof of Vaccination - If you have ever been exposed to yellow fever, provide evidence of your immunization.

Simple e-Visa Process for Malawi | Citizens of Vietnam

A beautiful and evocative place, largely undiscovered by tourist crowds, Dr. Livingstone of British fame described Lake Malawi as the "Lake of Stars", referring to the thousands of fishing boats that drift across its surface at night, with flickering lanterns on their prows visible from shore.

When you want to go to Malawi to see these sights and everything else it has to offer, there is no need to go to the embassy or consulate to retrieve a visa. Instead, filling out an e-Visa application online has never been easier or more secure.

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