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Mongolia is a land-locked country located between Russia and China. We have all head the stories about the Mongol riders and how they lived their lives, and believe it or not, few things changed. The people still live nomadic lives, and if you want to experience that, Mongolia is the best place to do it. The country is one big emptiness, and there are not many man-made attractions except for some monasteries. However, nature never fails to provide. Lake Hovsgol is something that you must see if you have the chance. Other attractions include reindeer herders, which is a lot of fun, and canoeing on some of Mongolia's major rivers. But before you take your trip to Mongolia, you must check whether or not you need a visa to cross its borders. According to Mongolia’s visa policy, the citizens of 23 countries do not have to apply for a Mongolia visa because they are visa exempt. However, the granted period of stay varies from 14 days to 90 days, depending on the nationality. All the other nationalities in the world need to visit the nearest Mongolian embassy and apply for a consular visa. If you want to know what you must do, you can take a look at Mongolia’s visa policy and see if you can find your country of origin on the list if visa-exempt countries. However, we have another suggestion, and that is to use iVisa’s Visa Checker. The tool is easy to use and makes the information you need available in just a few clicks. First, you must click on the button that says Visa Checker. You can see it in the top right corner. Then, you must select your country of origin in the drag-down menu on the left and Mongolia in the right menu. The result will display whether or not you need a visa. And if you do, you will receive some useful information such as a list of the nearest embassies. Since there are no electronic visas available for Mongolia, iVisa cannot process applications. If that should ever change, we will be able to assist you more. Until then, all we can do is feed you the correct information you may need, which is why our support service is at your disposal 24/7 and is entirely free of charge. If the Visa Checker tells you that you need a Mongolia visa, you must make sure that you know everything about the requirements. You can find a lot of information online, but we think that you should use that as a reference only. A diplomatic mission or an embassy will always be the most reliable source of information. You should contact them before going down there. In the meantime, what we can tell you is that you need a valid passport that does not expire for another 6 months from the date of arrival in Mongolia. We regret that we cannot help you get your Mongolia visa, but we do hope that the information above sets you in the right direction.