Mozambique Visa Policy
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Visa Policy for Mozambique

The Mozambique Visa Policy is made up of the rules and regulations that nationalists of all countries who want to visit Mozambique regardless of their purpose of visit must follow to get the granted permission to enter the country. They must have a valid visa to gain entry into the country. In simple words, a visa is an authorized document with which a person can enter, live within, and leave the country legally. A visa is usually stamped or is glued to a person’s passport.

The Mozambique Visa Policy is followed by all the people around the globe who want to gain entry into the country for any purpose of their own. A person must have a visa to enter the country or his or her entry will be denied. However, this rule is not applicable for 11 countries only.

The Mozambique Visa Policy requirements differ from person to person and their nationality. They have to follow all the rules of the Mozambique Visa Policy to acquire a proper visa. The requirements and rules depend on factors like the visitor’s duration of stay and the purpose of stay in Mozambique.

There are several types of visas available according to their purpose of travel to Mozambique. The types of visas are diplomatic visa, tourist visa, business visa, work visa, visit visa, courtesy visa, official visa, residence visa, and student visa.

According to the Mozambique Visa Policy, a person must either attain their visa from the Embassy of Mozambique that is in their country or via an online application. The good news is that Mozambique has recently started the Visa on arrival system which is available to people of all countries. Nationalists who do not get their visa from any of the ways, might not be allowed to enter the country at all.

At the moment, there are only 11 countries that do not require a visa to enter the country of Mozambique. These countries are Angola, Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Cabo Verde, Tanzania, Eswatini, Malawi, Mauritius, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. The citizens of these countries can visit Mozambique and live in the country for up to 3 months.

Citizens of 6 countries of the world need to have a visa before their arrival. These countries are India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Eritrea, Somalia, and Sri Lanka. If they fail to have a visa, they can acquire one on arrival. For that, they need to show proof that they had applied for a visa before their visit but failed to get one on time.

In the section below, you will be guided through the whole Mozambique Visa Policy by which you might know what are the various ways of acquiring a visa for the country of Mozambique.

Tourist Visa Policy for Mozambique

People who want to visit Mozambique for tourism or business purposes need to acquire a visa depending on the country that they belong to. There are 3 options by which a person can acquire their visa. A visa for Mozambique can be obtained by filling out an application form known as an eVisa or they can apply for a visa in the Embassy of Mozambique present in their country, or they can obtain a VOA which is a Visa On Arrival.

Travelers who hold a tourist visa, as well as a business visa for entry in Mozambique, will only be allowed to stay in the country for 30 days. An extension is not allowed for any of the travelers. However, a tourist visa holder is granted the facility of double entry while the business holder is only given access to a single entry in the country. If for any reason the traveler fails to leave Mozambique after their legal duration of stay, a fine will be charged by the country every day till the traveler leaves the country. This rule is implemented according to the Mozambique Visa Policy.

Travelers need to follow various rules and steps to receive a visa either online, offline, or on arrival. According to the Mozambique Visa Policy, if they fail to do so, they might be rejected from entering the country of Mozambique.

Mozambique eVisa

To apply for and to receive an eVisa for Mozambique, the traveler needs to fill out a simple visa application form online which doesn't take much time. The traveler needs to provide basic information like their passport information, contact details, and several other pieces of information which might be a requirement.

A valid email ID of the traveler must be provided in the form as the visa of the traveler will be sent via mail once the application form is granted. Travelers who acquire their eVisa can visit Mozambique and stay there for 30 days.

Mozambique Visa On Arrival

All citizens from all the countries can acquire a visa on arrival if they can prove the documentation that will be asked for. Information like accommodation and return tickets are two of the many documents that will be asked to be shown.

A visa on arrival is valid for 30 days as well regardless of the travel purpose of the person. People whose passports do not have a 6 months validity can be denied entry into the country by not being given a Visa On Arrival.

Mozambique Visa

Travelers who want to gain entry in the country of Morocco may acquire a visa by visiting the Embassy of Mozambique in their country. The application process is very simple but it might take a little time depending on the country.

The individual can make an appointment with the embassy and then he or she needs to visit the embassy to fill up a form. They need to provide all the required documents that will be asked for in the form. After the submission of the form, the person will receive their visa and with the help of that valid visa, they can visit the country of Mozambique without any kind of stress.

If a person wants to avoid the long lines at the embassy, the easy way out is to get their visa by simply filling up an online form which is not time-consuming at all. It is the easiest way to receive a visa.

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