New Zealand visa policy

New Zealand visa policy

iVisa | Updated on Nov 24, 2020

Each state has a visa policy, a set of rules that determines the circumstances under which foreign citizens can enter the country. New Zealand. Has one as well, and as most of the visa policies in the world, it contains pretty much the same thing. What you need to know is that New Zealand’s visa policy is lenient, and the requirements for entering its territories are not difficult to meet.

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The first thing that may interest you is the agreement that governs the freedom of movement between New Zealand’s citizens and Australians. According to the Trans-Tasman Arrangement, both nationalities can travel to the other country without needing a visa. So, if you are an Australian citizen, you do not need to apply for a New Zealand visa. All you need is a passport.

The second important aspect is the visa waiver countries. Each state has a list of visa-exempt nationalities, and New Zealand is no different. In this case, according to New Zealand’s visa policy, there are 60 jurisdictions whose citizens can travel to New Zealand without obtaining a visa. However, the period of time they can spend within the country is limited to 3 months. The only exception is made for British citizens who can stay as much as 6 months without a visa.

You may be wondering what happens if one of the nationalities above want or need to stay in New Zealand for longer than 3 months (or 6 months when it comes to British nationals). The answer is simple. They need to apply for a New Zealand visa. They can do so at the nearest embassy, or even better, they can apply online.

The online application process is the most popular. When you apply online, the requirements seem to be easier to meet, and there is no bureaucratic hassle like the one you find at an embassy. Of course, you need to be eligible for an online application process, but that is easy to find out with iVisa Visa Checker.

New Zealand visa types

There are several types of New Zealand visas. First, there is the Visitor Visa, which is the most applied for. After all, most people go there on vacation. New Zealand is where the Lord of the Rings was filmed, and the country is for fans what Dubrovnik is for Game of Thrones fans. There is also a student visa, which obviously allows you to study at one of the country’s institutions. There is also the holiday work visa, the regular work visa, and last but not least, the resident visa. As you can imagine, each of them has its own requirements, duration, and conditions for the say.

Future changes in New Zealand’s visa policy

This year, the government announced some changes in the visa policy. That is because there is an issue with immigrants, and the border check is not very efficient. As a result, they came up with an ETA implementation. A lot of countries issue Electronic Travel Authorizations, and by 2020, New Zealand will release them too. They are means to control immigration, but the results will be seen after the implementation. Even so, iVisa can help you get an ETA as well. When the time comes, of course.

With a little bit of research, you will notice that New Zealand’s visa policy is lenient. The requirements are easy compared to other countries, and the fact that you can apply online for a visa is of huge help. After all, not having to handle the bureaucracy at an embassy is supposed to encourage tourists to visit a particular country, and New Zealand is the perfect example for that happening.

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