Nigeria Tourist Visa on Arrival: all you need to know before your trip to Nigeria
iVisa | Updated on Jun 21, 2023

Last updated in September 2022

Please notice: Unfortunately, the Nigerian Visa on Arrival is unavailable now. We hope you will soon be able to apply for this entry visa again. Meanwhile, here is useful information for you to be prepared for when the tourist visa is again at hand.

Are you planning to visit Nigeria? The country is worth visiting; just be sure you have the Nigerian Tourist Visa on arrival because the document is requested by the Nigeria immigration service. This is a short-term visit visa for specific passport holders of African countries. It will allow you to enter Nigeria for a while as a tourist. Before the visa expires, you will need to have a departure plan, whether by ground transport or by air.

Now you can learn how to submit the visa application form and apply online for this Nigeria Visa for tourists. You will receive a confirmation in your email, which you can show to the Nigeria immigration service once you land in the country. They will accept it and give you your visa on arrival. Read more about the visa fees, visa requirements, application process, and online payment below.

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Nigeria Visa on Arrival | Questions & Answers

If you require a Nigeria visa to travel to the country, there is no reason to worry. It’s quite easy to get this tourist visa, and you only need a few minutes to complete the visa application process and make the online payment. You don’t need to go to a Nigerian embassy, the entire process is online, and you’ll receive the tourist visa in your email. Check below the requirements for visa applications and everything you need to fill out in the online form.

How long do I have to use the Nigerian Visa before it expires?

When you purchase a Nigeria Visa on Arrival, it will have a “Date of Issuance.” The Date of Issuance is the last day you are legally allowed to use your visa to enter Nigeria. The Nigerian Tourist Visa will expire 14 days after being issued, so it’s not a multiple entry visa.

What is the limit on entries into the country with the Nigerian tourist visa?

Tourist and business visas, or even a resident visa, can have different entry limits. For example, the visa on arrival to travel to Nigeria isn’t a multiple entry visa, so it allows a Single Entry.

What are the required documents and information needed to complete the online application form?

It is best to get all your required documents together before starting your Nigerian Tourist e-Visa Visa on Arrival application, as it will make it faster for you to finish. You will need to provide the following items for the online application:

  • An official passport. You’ll have to scan your passport data page. Be aware that the passport needs to have at least 6 months of validity left from the day you plan to arrive in Nigeria.

  • Cover Approval Letter

  • Invitation Letter

  • Your flight itinerary with the return ticket. It will need to show you are leaving Nigeria before the expiration date on your visa on arrival.

  • Applicant Photo.

You may also need to provide proof of sufficient funds and a hotel reservation, and inform some other personal details while you complete the application form for the visa. Notice that many African countries require you to have the Yellow Fever Vaccination certificate when traveling around Africa.

When you arrive in Nigeria, you will have to present your immigration approval letter, your passport, and departure ticket showing your plan to leave Nigeria. Present these documents at the “Visa on Arrival” area at your port of entry, and you will be issued your Visa on Arrival. It’s simple!

Am I allowed to use this Nigeria visa for anything other than tourism?

No. The Nigerian visa is specifically designed for tourism and visiting Nigeria. You will not be allowed to work or have a legal residency in Nigeria with this visa type. It is a temporary, one-time-use visa, and it can’t be used as a transit visa or business visa, for example.

How long does it take for the Nigeria immigration service to process the online visa application?

During the Nigeria visa application process, you’ll choose the processing speed and visa fees that work better for you. At iVisa, we offer 3 distinct visa processing options, so you can choose how fast you want to receive your visa on arrival to travel to Nigeria:

  • Standard processing time: This is an option when you have enough time before traveling. You can get your visa fee at a low cost, though you just need to wait a few days for it.
  • Rush processing time: This is a convenient processing option if you are in a hurry and need to have the visa in a short time.
  • Super rush processing time: For last-minute travels, you can count on the Super rush processing time to receive your visa asap.

How long can I stay in Nigeria while holding this entry visa?

The maximum time you can stay in Nigeria with the visa on arrival is 30 days Per Entry. This means you will need a flight itinerary with a departure ticket showing you are leaving Nigeria on or before the last day of the maximum time you are allowed.

How much will the Nigeria Visa fee cost me?

The visa fee for your Nigerian Visa includes the cost of the visa itself and the processing speed. So the visa on arrival cost will depend on your chosen processing time.

Where can I get the Nigeria entry visa?

To get a Nigeria visa on arrival, you need to fill out the visa application online. Then you’ll receive the visa approval letter to present to the Nigeria immigration service headquarters. Please follow these steps to apply:

  • First, fill out your information on the iVisa application page. Select a processing time and visa fee that suits well with your travel needs.
  • Second, review all the details you filled out in your visa application form. Then, pay the visa fee with a debit or credit card.
  • Third, and finally, after uploading all the requirements, click on the 'submit' button. You'll receive the document in your email once your visa is processed.

The online application form for Foreign Citizens to get an entry visa to Nigeria

By knowing about the visa on arrival, you can prepare the documents and information you need to get the e-Visa online successfully. Then, you won’t have to go to the embassy or consulate to get your travel documents. We’ve helped thousands of travelers successfully enter foreign countries legally. Let us help you be the next one.

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