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Nigerian passport renewal: Everything you must know
iVisa | 4 min read | Updated on Dec 19, 2023

If it's time to renew your Nigerian passport, you're in the right place. This comprehensive guide aims to simplify the Nigerian passport renewal process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Navigating bureaucratic processes can be daunting, but with our clear, step-by-step instructions, we'll guide you through everything from eligibility criteria to the final steps of the renewal process. Let's explore the details of a Nigerian passport renewal!

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How to start the Nigeria passport renewal process

Nigerian passports aren’t technically "renewed" in the traditional sense. Instead, when your passport nears its expiration date, you actually undergo a process of re-issuance. This means you’ll receive a completely new passport rather than an extension or renewal of your existing one.

When your current passport approaches its expiration date, you should begin the re-issuance process. This is critical because if your passport expires, you’ll be left without a valid travel document, making international travel impossible. However, you can also re-issue if you have an expired Nigerian passport.

The Nigeria Immigration Service offers an online platform where you can initiate the application process, upload required documents, and schedule appointments if necessary. This online system streamlines the process, making it more convenient and faster.

Nigeria passport renewal: Requirements to re-issue a Nigerian passport

Re-issuing a Nigerian passport requires specific documents, which vary depending on your situation. Whether renewing for a minor, replacing a lost passport, or just renewing your own, understanding what documents are needed is crucial for a smooth process. Here’s a list of what you’ll need to help you prepare the necessary paperwork.

  • Local government letter of identification – A letter from your local government area confirming your identity.

  • A birth certificate or a legally acceptable document that declares your age.

  • Two colored passport-size photographs taken recently.

  • Guarantor's form – This form must be certified by a Commissioner of Oaths. It acts as a verification of your identity and character.

  • Provide your marriage certificate to support the name change in your passport (if applicable).

Minor applicants (under 16 years) must provide additional documents:

  • A letter from the parents or legal guardians giving consent for the passport application.

  • If applicable, include a copy of the parents' identification documents.

If you are replacing a lost passport, you must provide:

  • A police report indicating that your passport was lost.

  • A sworn affidavit for the loss of the passport.

How to apply for a Nigerian passport renewal

It's important to understand that the Nigerian passport is not "renewed" but "re-issued." Whether you’re applying for passport services from within Nigeria or abroad, the process involves completing an online application form and scheduling an appointment to submit the documents. The procedures vary slightly depending on your location.

Applying to re-issue the passport in Nigeria

Here are the steps to apply for a passport re-issuance in Nigeria: Register on the official Nigerian Immigration Service portal and complete the application form to re-issue the passport.

Pay the passport fee online using a debit or credit card or purchase a post office money order of the correct amount. After payment, you will receive an acknowledgment slip and evidence of payment, which are crucial for your appointment.

Schedule an appointment at the nearest passport office or immigration service center. Attend the appointment with all the required original documents and the acknowledgment slip.

Applying to re-issue the Nigerian passport abroad

For Nigerian passport applicants from outside the country, these are steps to re-issue the document:

Register on the Nigerian Immigration Service portal and complete the online application form for passport re-issue.

Pay the passport fees online. Your payment will be in USD when you select a processing country other than Nigeria.

Schedule an appointment at the closest Nigerian Embassy or mission for submission of documents. On the appointment date, carry all required documents, including your payment confirmation slip.

Nigeria passport processing fee

Nigeria passport fees vary based on the applicant's age and the type of passport booklet required. You pay for it online through the Nigerian government portal. Here's a breakdown of the passport processing fees:

Applying in Nigeria (payment made in naira)

32 pages booklet:

  • Age 0 - 17: ₦8,750

  • Age 18 - 59: ₦15,000

  • Age 60+: ₦8,750

64 pages booklet:

  • All Ages: ₦20,000

Applying at Nigerian embassies, consulates & high commissions (payment made in USD)

32 pages booklet:

  • Age 0 - 17: $65

  • Age 18 - 59: $94

  • Age 60+: $65

64 pages booklet:

  • All ages: $125

Once you make the payment, you’ll receive a confirmation email and can proceed to scheduling your appointment.

Nigeria renewal processing time

The average processing time for re-issuing a Nigeria passport is up to three weeks. This timeframe is for standard service, assuming there are no complications or additional verifications needed with your application.

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