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France Visa Photo Requirements

iVisa | Updated on Sep 08, 2022

Planning a trip shouldn’t be exhausting. However, we know travel documentation can be both tricky and extensive and even more if you need to acquire a visa photo soon. For this reason, we are excited to offer the iVisa.com Photo service. Our complete service includes a photo review, so you know you meet all the France Visa photo requirements. Besides, get your visa photo from anywhere with an internet connection as the process is 100% online. As well, we charge minimum fees that don’t even compare to a photo booth. Ready to get the France visa photo?

Choose the iVisa.com Photo service! We have all the visa knowledge about the France Visa photo requirements. We can help you!

How does the online process work?

It’s simple! Only follow these measures to be successful in acquiring the France visa photo:

  • Select the type of photo you need us to process. In this case, go for the visa one.
  • Confirm that the dimensions correspond to the France visa photo. It’s 4.50cm x 3.50cm.

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  • Confirm the photo format that you want. Choose between Print or Digital versions.

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  • Time for your snapshot!
  • Submit your photo, and then we will confirm it meets the France Visa photo requirements.
  • If you went for the printed format, then check if you want home delivery or store pick-up. For the digital format, travelers will receive an email with the French visa photos.
  • Decide how you will pay, whether it’s with a credit/debit card or a Paypal account. iVisa.com Photo service is the best purchase you can make! We know how to handle the France Visa photo requirements!

What are the France visa photo requirements?

Make sure to follow these steps. We know you will get the perfect picture for your France visa process:

  • Assemble a background and lighting for the photo.
  • Go to the middle of the frame and show all your facial features.
  • Check the size dimensions.
  • Acquire photo paper and print the France visa photo.

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Get the France Visa photo! We will check that your visa photo directly respects the France Visa photo requirements!

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I receive the print and digital photos?

We will send your visa photos according to the alternatives available in your location. All locations can receive the visa photo in a digital version. However, not all countries can select the home delivery or pick-up alternative.

If you are currently in the United States, select one of the following options:

  • Digital Photos: expect an email with the visa photos.
  • Printed Photos: select the home delivery option, and receive the printed photos in 2 to 4 days. Besides, you can choose to pick up the visa photos in a CVS or Walgreens.

If your location is in Europe or Canada, request the digital format be sent to your email inbox. As well, you can ask for home delivery.

If your location hasn’t been mentioned yet, obtain the France visa photo in digital format. In other words, we will send an email with the France visa photo so you can print it for your visa process.

Keep reading more about the France Visa photo requirements! Get the iVisa.com Photo service, and your visa photo will arrive soon!

What is the price of the France Visa photo service?

Don’t forget that our prices include an expert photo review and the assurance that your photo meets the France Visa photo requirements. Pay the minimum fee of USD 5.95 and receive your visa photos in your email inbox in record time. This price is valid worldwide.

For printed photos, prices could vary according to where you are. For travelers in the United States, they only need to pay USD 9.45 for two copies and shipping. Also, you can select the pick-up alternative, which is only valid in US territory. Dive into the application page and check all the options if you need more printed versions.

It’s time to obtain the iVisa.com Photo service! Get your visa photo today!

We know all the details about the France Visa photo requirements! Go for your visa photo now! Trust our visa photo services and travel to France soon!

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