Poland Schengen Visa for Citizens of Kenya

Poland Schengen Visa for Citizens of Kenya

iVisa | Updated on Sep 20, 2021

The Poland Schengen Visa is perfect for citizens of Kenya wanting to explore Europe. This type of Poland visa allows you to do almost anything on your journey. Of course, you will need to fulfill certain requirements like filling out an application and providing documentation about yourself and your financial state.


This is mainly to make sure you will not burden the governments around Europe if something unfortunate has to happen to you while you are on your journey. Let’s talk about a few key questions for Kenyans looking to get a Polish visa.

Poland Schengen Visa: Information and Requirements

If I am going to Poland for business purposes, what else do I need to supply for the application?

If you are traveling to Poland or the Schengen Area for business purposes, you will need to also supply the following with your visa application:

  • Invitation Letter - Make sure the Polish company you plan to work with supplies a cover letter with detailed contact information and the reasons why you are coming to Poland to conduct business. If you are being hosted by the company, provide detailed information about your accommodations in the invitation letter, also.
  • Prior Trade Deals - Have you conducted trade with this company before? Bring documentation showing previous business relations.
  • Half-Year Financial Report - Show the past 6 months of your business finances.
  • Business Purpose Certificate - Speak to the Polish company that you are working with to get a proper certificate.
  • Business Organizational Papers - How is your company and the Polish company related? Provide original contracts that show the articles of organization/association and any business licenses that are also related to your joint business venture.

When applying for a Schengen visa, what information do I need to supply?

You will need:

  • Personal Information - All Schengen Area application forms will require your personal information like your state of residence and contact information.
  • Financial Stability - You must be able to prove that you have enough money to survive during your travel to Poland and the Schengen Area.
  • Cover Letter - Show the reason why you are entering Poland and what business or tourism you will be conducting.
  • Passport Photos - Get extra passport photos to be attached to your visa application for Poland. Make sure they have a solid, light background and that your entire face is showing.
  • Valid Passport Bio Page - Your passport must be valid for 3 months after your return date from Poland. You’ll also need to have two blank passport pages for stamping purposes.
  • Medical Insurance - When traveling to the Schengen Area, foreign nationals will need a travel medical insurance policy with 30,000 € coverage at least.
  • Flight Itinerary - Show confirmation of your entry and exit dates and travel times.

Is it required that I arrive in Europe through Poland, or can I book a flight for a different Schengen member country?

If you specifically apply for a Poland Schengen Visa, then yes, you will need to fly in and out of Poland. If you want to fly into a different country that is part of the Schengen area, you’ll need to make sure you get the specific Schengen Visa that matches that country.

The Poland Schengen Visa does allow you to travel around the Schengen area once you have arrived in Poland.

What if I am traveling to Poland and the Schengen Area for medical reasons?

Going to another country for medical intervention is, unfortunately, necessary sometimes. Be sure you have this additional information ready to show immigration officials.

In addition to the general documentation you need for a visa application, you will also need to supply:

  • Medical Report - This must show the reason for your medical journey.
  • Appointment Reservation Information - You must provide official proof of your appointment information from the Polish hospital or medical building where you will be going.
  • Financial Receipts - Show whether you have already paid for your medical fees or how you will be paying for it.

How much will I need to spend to get a visa for me and any children going to Poland?

Any child under 6 normally can get a visa for free with the right documentation.

Everyone else will need to pay for a visa for the Poland Schengen region.

The visa cost can range from $40 USD to $90 USD (or 40 € to 80 €). Visa fees are subject to change per embassy/consulate and also are subject to change based on currency exchange rates.

Check with your embassy or consulate for the latest visa pricing information.

Application for the Poland Schengen Visa for Kenya Citizens

We all love to travel. And if you have never been to Europe, you will love all the different cultures and food and experiences. That’s why the Poland Schengen Visa is great for Kenyan residents looking to explore the continent of Europe.

Still have questions? No worries. Reach out to us and we will answer you shortly.