Poland Schengen Visa on VFS Global

Poland Schengen Visa on VFS Global

iVisa | Updated on Mar 23, 2022

VFS Global is a third-party visa management company that holds contracts with several different countries to perform visa services. The company operates both online and at their Visa Centers. Reviews for the company have, for the most part, been abysmal. Complaints from their customers tend to be about their lack of organization at their visa centers, how difficult it is to communicate with the company, and their hard to navigate website. Additionally, there is inconsistent information presented on their website that fails to provide their customers with clarity about the visa application process.


In regards to their services for a Poland Schengen Visa, VFS charges high service fees and, according to reviews, have long wait times and inconsistent Visa Center hours. Additional complaints have revealed that they do not provide enough information about what the visa application process at their centers includes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Should I Use iVisa?

At iVisa, we make the process simple. We help walk you through the visa application process and keep our service fees at a reasonable price so you can spend more money on your vacation. Additionally, we provide a 24/7 chat service to help you at any time with your application process.

How Does Customer Service Compare Between iVisa and VFS?

According to the customer reviews, VFS is hard to get in touch with. Their phone lines are only open during their visa center hours, and they do not provide a chat service for their customers. Additionally, their Visa Centers are by appointment only.

At iVisa, we are available for you 24/7. We provide you with a 24/7 chat service on our website and give you the option to email us or call us as well. With iVisa, you are assured that you will receive a prompt response.

Is VFS expensive?

VFS offers a wide range of services and according to some customer reviews, the prices they charge are not justified. Additionally, customers have claimed that they push unnecessary services on their customers that are in no way required. One such service is the courier service, which is not required for obtaining their visa.

What are the VFS Visa Centers like?

According to some customer complaints, the Visa Centers that are run by VFS tend to be unorganized, inconsistent, and lack customer service. Several reviewers state that they are not provided with all of the information that they need before they go into the visa center and that the staff at the visa centers are not generally helpful.

What is the online experience for VFS?

VFS's website is hard to navigate, according to reviewers. On their website, they clutter the page with links to other pages that provide unclear and inconsistent information. Overall, their website is an overload of information that fails to provide clarification for the application process. Additionally, they fail to provide their customers with online customer service.

Does VFS have a good reputation?

VFS has ranked in the lower percentile on external websites. Customers have cited the company's issues with communication and the lack of consistent information provided by both the website and the visa center as primary issues that have resulted in being unsatisfied with the services provided by VFS.

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