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Portugal ETIAS for Citizens of Mexico

iVisa | Updated on Jun 11, 2022

Portugal is home to some of the world’s finest beaches, world-class cork products, the oldest bookstore in the world, and the famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo. That’s just a drop in the bucket. Portugal has so much to supply your box of memories. Travelers from Mexico will indulge in visits to different natural spots and historical sites in Portugal. If you are a sentimental type of person and love history, Portugal is the best place for you. It is one of the oldest countries in Europe but its borders have barely changed since 1297.

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Currently, Citizens of Mexico traveling to Portugal can visit the country without a visa as it is one of the countries in the Schengen Area that signed a visa waiver agreement. However, the European Commission has set up an agreement that all non-European countries with visa waiver will be required to obtain travel authorization and it will be mandatorily implemented by 2022. The system that approves the travel authorization is called the European Travel Information and Authorization System or the Portugal ETIAS.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should Citizens of Mexico know about ETIAS?

ETIAS is a travel authorization that was developed on the initiative of the European Commission. When the system goes online, it will require all citizens of non-European countries that are visa-exempt to get authorization to travel to and enter the Schengen Area from an initial host country. Mexican nationals should apply online and receive the approved Portugal ETIAS for citizens of Mexico before the date of their travel.

The main objective of the travel authorization is to pre-screen visitors before traveling to any country of the Schengen Area. This will drastically improve the security measures already put in place by the Schengen member states. The application form is available online and requires only a few details to complete.

How long can citizens of Mexico stay in Portugal?

You can use the Portugal ETIAS for citizens of Mexico to stay in-country and within the Area for up to a total of 90 days. The duration is counted within any period of 180 consecutive days. Holders of the travel authorization must not exceed the maximum number of stay or they may get deported and will be banned from applying for the ETIAS in the future. The travel authorization comes with multiple entries within the Schengen Area.

Take note that the initial destination of the holder must be the country he or she applied to. For example, a citizen of Mexico holds a Portuguese ETIAS and has several Schengen countries to visit, the holder must visit Portugal first.

What is the validity period of the Portugal ETIAS for Citizens of Mexico?

Citizens of Mexico can use the travel authorization for 3 consecutive years or until the passport associated with it expires, whichever comes first. When the passport used on the application expires before the expiration of the Portugal ETIAS for citizens of Mexico, the travel authorization is automatically considered null. You will have to apply for a new ETIAS with a new passport to link to.

What is the most important information I should know about ETIAS?

You should bear in mind that the ETIAS is meant to simplify and streamline the entry and immigration process, as well as to protect Schengen citizens and visitors by vetting travelers from visa-exempt countries. Any discrepancies and error-typing on the application may lead to a rejection. Be mindful when entering personal information and travel details on the application form. Before submitting the application, always double-check to ensure that all details are provided correctly.

Do I need to go to the embassy/consulate to apply for a Portugal ETIAS for citizens of Mexico?

The process of the travel authorization is completely digital. iVisa.com can help you obtain your ETIAS. With our simple application form, easy-to-use tool, strict security system, and a great team of customer service, your ETIAS application will never be this fast and easy.

What are the means I can best reach you through?

We are easy to reach out with our user-friendly chat tool. You can use it anytime if you wish to reach out to our knowledgeable reps. You can also send us a message through email at [email protected].

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