Russia Business Visa Invitation Letter

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How to apply for a Business Invitation Letter

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Entry to Russia
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Its really easy to get a Russian Business Invitation letter with iVisa. We have assisted thousands of travelers to obtain theirs in only a few short steps, best of all is that the entire application process is online.

Business Invitation Letter — WHAT DO YOU NEED?

  • Valid Passport (at least 6 months after arrival in Russia)
  • Details regarding your accommodation (Airbnb/Hotel/ etc)
  • Credit/Debit card or Paypal account

Business Invitation Letter Requirements for Russia

If you are planning to visit Russia for business AND you need to apply for a visa to enter Russia then you need an Invitation letter from an authorized Russian authority.

iVisa can assist you in getting the required invitation letter so that you may complete your visa application at the Russian consulate closest to you. The process for the letter application is completely online and you will receive it by email.

Important notes for when you apply only

  • For a trip up 30 days - SELECT a single (or double) tourist invitation.
  • A trip to Russia where you would like to visit Russia several times OR more than 30 days - SELECT business invitation for six months or for one year.

  • Please note the business invitation letter is a scan of the original. This typically is acceptable at most consulates, but there are cases where the consulte may require the original. We suggest all applicants inquire to see if the original is required at their specific consulate as we are unable to send originals at this time.

  • Business invitation letters is appropriate ONLY for EU, US citizens and a few others. For UK citizens we can give FMS electronic invitation. (business invitation letter is not appropriate for UK Russian Consulates).
  • Your Russian Business Invitation letter will be in Russian

After you receive the business invitation letter, you must:

  • Print it in color.
  • Submit the letter and all other required docs for your visa application at the Russian embassy. The required docs typically include:, color visa/passport sized photo, health insurance, proof of finance, returns flights, travel itinerary etc. (iVisa suggest that you consult directly with the embassy nearest to you for a full list of required documents.)
  • After your visa interview at the Russian consulate they will issue you your visa if approved.

Additional fees may apply to certain nationalities. Please note that this happens on a cases by case basis. You will have to pay an additional fee to complete your order in case this happens. Payments can be made directly to your credit card on file or via Paypal (Note that we will confirm this via email and will NEVER charge you additional fees without your acknowledgement)

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