Russia to Reintroduce eVisa System in August 2023
iVisa | Updated on Aug 10, 2023

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Russia's electronic visa system, temporarily suspended due to the global travel restrictions, is poised to return this month. This digital visa initiative will be accessible to eligible foreign travelers worldwide, signifying Russia's effort to adapt to the evolving landscape of international travel.

Initially launched in 2020, the eVisa system brought a streamlined approach to visa processing for over 50 nationalities. As the relaunch date nears, these countries, along with some additional nations, can expect to use this system once again.

Notable participants include citizens from the European Union (EU), European Free Trade Association (EFTA), China, India, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Turkey, and several others.

Russia eVisa: Validity and conditions

The recent announcement from the Russian Foreign Ministry outlines the functionalities of the eVisa system. It will facilitate single entries for various travel purposes, encompassing:

  • Tourism.

  • Business trips.

  • Visiting a Russian citizen/resident/organization.

  • Attending sporting and cultural events.

  • Participating in scientific, sociopolitical, or economic events.

The application process will be conducted online, and upon approval, the eVisa will hold a validity period of 60 days after arrival. This timeframe allows travelers to plan their visits within the given window. Upon arrival, eVisa holders will be allowed to stay up to 16 days Per Entry, offering ample time to experience the diverse facets of Russia.

To enhance accessibility, Russia has now equipped 92 border points with advanced technology to scan and verify eVisas efficiently. This development ensures that travelers can enter the country via air, land, or sea routes.

Russian eVisa launch date

The journey leading to the eVisa's reintroduction has involved a process of refinement. Initially, separate eVisa systems were introduced for specific regions, with the eventual goal of consolidating them into a unified national platform.

The travel limitations due to the COVID-19 pandemic and conflict with Ukraine, however, impeded these plans, leading to a temporary halt.

While there were tentative announcements in February 2023 regarding its relaunch, logistical considerations necessitated a delay. The relaunch was initially pushed from June to July, and it has been finalized in August 2023.

Apply online for the Russian eVisa

As the launch date approaches, the travel landscape is shifting. The online process of the eVisa system symbolizes Russia’s aim to modernize travel in the country.

The Russia eVisa government fee is around USD $54.00, to be paid online with a debit or credit card. The processing of the visa can take up to 10 days.

We offer a 100% online process and added benefits, such as expert support whenever you need it, a simplified application form, and a secure payment platform. Download our user-friendly iVisa app and apply for your Russian eVisa with confidence!

With the eVisa as their digital key, travelers can once again travel to Russia. By offering a streamlined entry process, Russia aims to welcome international travelers and facilitate deeper cultural understanding.

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