Slovakia ETIAS for Citizens of South Korea

Slovakia ETIAS for Citizens of South Korea

iVisa | Updated on Dec 04, 2021

South Korea is one of the countries in Asia, along with 61 others in the world, that has made an agreement with the nations of the Schengen zone to have its citizens enter any state in the region without the requirement of a Schengen visa. On the flip side, this agreement can be detrimental to the host region since such travelers are virtually invisible to the people and systems responsible for border management and security, that is, until the time they show up at a point of entry trying to get into the Economic Area.

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Countries in Europe are still feeling the economic and social effects of terrorist incidents in the past decades. In addition, there is also the issue of people trying to sneak into the region without going through the normal immigration process. This could be where a travel authorization like the Slovakia ETIAS for citizens of South Korea] could be very useful. The leaders of the European commission saw that possibility and approved the design of the ETIAS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any basic information that we should know about this new system?

This system is scheduled for launch in 2022 at the earliest. It will be known as the ETIAS, which is an acronym for European Travel Information and Authorization System, and its function will be similar to the ESTA used in the United States. It will generate travel authorizations like the Slovakia ETIAS for citizens of South Korea after a series of assessments of applicant information in order to make sure that the Schengen member states face no more security breaches and illegal immigrant issues.

How will it work and is it reliable?

The system, once it goes online, will be able to access reputable sources of information about people, such as databases of national and international law enforcement agencies, particularly Interpol and Europol. These two are the biggest law enforcement agencies and their databases are full of information. Of course, the system will be able to access other databases as well, and it will use the information to make a decision whether the applicant for the Slovakia ETIAS for citizens of South Korea is safe to allow into the zone or not.

Is the application process difficult?

The ETIAS will not only make things easier for the host state but for the traveler as well. Completing the application form at should take no more than 10 minutes. Once the transaction has been paid for, the form is then forwarded to the system’s central unit for processing. It will gather all available information and the decision can be made within 4 days, in most cases- or sooner if you pay for Super Rush processing. In other, more complicated instances, the system can take up to 4 weeks to render a decision.

Who should have authorization from the ETIAS?

The system is created specifically for vetting and assessing incoming travelers who are citizens of 62 countries which enjoy visa-exempt entry into the Schengen Area member nations. Every traveler who is eligible to apply for the authorization, regardless of the age of the applicant, should have one before they are allowed to go into the region. However, applicants younger than 6 or older than 70 will be able to apply free of charge.

How would you know the best platform to use for ETIAS applications?

The best website to use should have visa experts who make sure that every application will be a success, so you don’t waste any time and money. It should also have tight security on its website that prevents customer information from being accessed. has these and more, and you can expect the same when you apply for other travel documents as well.

Can you tell me the best way to get in touch with you?

For any inquiries or if you want help with your application, contact our knowledgeable reps by going to and using the chat feature. Another option is sending us an email at