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Slovakia ETIAS for citizens of Taiwan

Slovakia ETIAS for citizens of Taiwan
iVisa | Updated on Dec 01, 2020

Taiwan, a nation in Asia, is also one of the countries that have visa-free entry privileges when going to the Schengen Area. Taiwanese citizens are not required to present a visa when they attempt to get into any Schengen member state, and that is the reason why the person in charge of border security and immigration has little to no information about these travelers before they actually come into the point of entry.

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This is a risk that puts the Schengen countries into another potentially dangerous position. Having another unexpected terrorist incident could cause massive loss of life and bring down the region’s economy. In addition, cases of illegal migration are on the rise and this could be a probable hazard as well. The European Commission, therefore, initiated the creation of the system known as ETIAS, one of the products of which is the Slovakia ETIAS for citizens of Taiwan, to mitigate these risks and complement the security measures already in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should be the first thing that we know about the ETIAS?

The ETIAS is a system that is set to be functional in 2022, although delays could push the start date to 2023. ETIAS is the acronym for European Travel Information and Authorization System, a system tasked with improving the security and immigration protocols that were previously established by the Schengen Zone. It can gather and assess information about a traveler and then make a decision to allow the applicant to enter the Zone or not. The result is a travel authorization, one of which is the Slovakia ETIAS for citizens of Taiwan.

Who needs to have an ETIAS authorization when going to Schengen countries?

There are 62 countries that have a visa waiver agreement with the countries comprising the Schengen Area. This means the citizens of these countries, such as Taiwan, don’t need to acquire a visa for entry. However, soon Taiwan nationals need to have a Slovakia ETIAS for citizens of Taiwan if they want to go into Slovakia and other Schengen member states. The policy states that even infants and the elderly will need to acquire one before they travel.

What do I need for an ETIAS application?

It is pretty easy to get a Slovakia ETIAS for citizens of Taiwan. Firstly, you just have to go to iVisa.com and fill in the application form there. You will need a passport that has more than three months of validity left after your intended entry date. You are also required to have a valid email where the authorization can be sent to and a credit or debit card for payment.

How long can the authorization be used by the holder?

The Slovakia ETIAS for citizens of Taiwan, like all ETIAS authorizations, is valid for as long as the passport used in the application is valid, up to a maximum duration of 3 years from the date of approval. If the passport expires before the 3 years are up, then the authorization is also invalidated. If you need a new one, apply at iVisa.com using your new passport.

What platform would you recommend if I need an ETIAS authorization?

There is no better online travel document service than iVisa.com. The platform always makes sure that all the information provided on the application is complete and correct, ensuring the success of the application. In addition, the website secures all customer information using top-notch security software, preventing unauthorized access and data theft.

How can customers reach you?

The best way to get in touch with the customer service team is to go to iVisa.com and chat with one of our awesome reps. If you prefer, you do have the option to send your message and inquiries through email to [email protected].

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