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South Africa eVisa - processing time

South Africa eVisa - processing time
iVisa | Updated on Jan 02, 2023

In November 2019, South Africa will begin issuing electronic visas. We do not know which nationalities will be eligible yet because not many details have been made public at this time. Kenyan is the only nationality that we are aware of because they are a part of the pilot program. All the others will be disclosed in the weeks to come, as the date at which the South Africa eVisa goes live approaches rapidly.

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As far as the processing time for the South African eVisa, we cannot tell you much about that either. What we can tell you is that iVisa will maintain the same format. So, if you find yourself on the list of eligible nationalities, you will enjoy the same three processing speed options that iVisa always offers. Unfortunately, we have no timelines to disclose, but the options will be as follows:

  • Standard
  • Rush
  • Super Rush

As you can imagine, the cost of the South Africa eVisa will be directly related to the processing time you choose. As always, the faster you want your application to be processed, the more you will need to pay for your travel document. The cost of the eVisa itself remains the same, but the service fee increases with each option. During the first step of the application form, iVisa will prompt you to choose a processing speed, depending on your particular needs and budget. The cost will be displayed at the same time so that you will know exactly how much you will be charged. After you submit your application, iVisa will process your application in the timeframe of your choosing. However, we recommend that you take a few days as a margin of error. While incredibly rare, delays can happen. You should play it safe and apply ahead of time, to avoid rescheduling your trip to South Africa because of minor visa delay. Nevertheless, iVisa takes pride in the fact that all applications are processed on time. The South Africa eVisa will be no different. If you are eligible, we will do our best to deliver your visa on time. Unfortunately, since the South African government has not released more information about the South Africa eVisa, we cannot tell you more about the document itself and its processing time. Just like you, we are waiting for more details so that we can keep you informed. To that effect, it would be best if you checked our website periodically. News should come to light in the near future, and as soon as that happens, we will be sure to update you. Plus, if you do qualify for a South Africa eVisa, we will be here to facilitate the online application for you.