Does the Spain ETIAS offer different entries?

iVisa | Updated on May 28, 2022

One of the most visited countries in Europe is Spain, so it's to be expected to realize that this nation keeps on encouraging its prerequisites so sightseers can visit it. For the time being, you can have the benefit of applying for an ETIAS.

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For your benefit, recollect that you can utilize's administration to apply online for this document. Along these lines, you'll have it as quickly as is conceivable without a lot of exertion on your part.

In the event that you need to find out about this cycle with, wanting to know more about the different entry- allowances with the Spain ETIAS, we suggest you read the accompanying FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Spain ETIAS?

What we know as ETIAS is the European Travel Information and Authorization System. As the name infers, this document isn't vital just to enter Spain, yet to enter different nations in the Schengen Area. On account of the Spain ETIAS, it implies that you'll apply just for a document that permits you to enter Spain.

When you get your ETIAS, you'll have the option to enter Spain as your first objective, yet you'll additionally have the option to visit different nations in the Schengen Zone as long as you don't surpass the maximum stay time-permitted. Recall that these nations are internationally known to give free travel within their internal borders.

Which are the countries that need to apply for the ETIAS?

There are in any event 60 nations that are qualified to apply with the ETIAS online structure. A great deal of these nations are sans-visa, yet in future they will need this document to enter part of Europe.

How might I check if I'm eligible for this document?

On the off chance that you need to know whether you can apply for the ETIAS, you simply need to utilize's Visa Checker Tool, which is obvious on the landing page. To utilize it, basically select your nation of root and furthermore Spain as the objective. In almost no time, you'll have the option to affirm whether you can apply for this document or not.

What documents are needed to apply for the Spain ETIAS?

The official cycle to get the Spain ETIAS isn't convoluted, yet you have to gather a couple of documents before finishing the structure. These documents are:

  • Your valid Passport and a duplicate of the data page.
  • Your working email address so you can get your document along these lines.
  • Payment choice, which can be credit or debit card, or even a Paypal account.

What amount does the Spain ETIAS cost?

This document is very new, which is the reason we can't offer you definite data about the costs in light of the fact that these can't change from ethnicity to identity. Notwithstanding, we can tell you that with you don't have to pay a ton of cash to get your ETIAS quicker and more secure. The choices offers are:

  • Standard Processing Option: this is the most economical option of the three, which is the reason it is regularly mentioned. It permits you to get your document in normal time.
  • Rush Processing Option: this option is somewhat quicker than the past one, yet additionally more costly.
  • Super Rush Processing Option: with this alternative, you get your document as quick as could reasonably be expected, however the cost is the most costly.

How can I get a Spain ETIAS?

As you could peruse previously, the official cycle with isn't hard in any way, particularly on the grounds that it has just 3 stages to follow. You won't have to go through over 20 minutes finishing this online structure, you should simply the accompanying:

  • To begin with, answer a couple of inquiries with your essential data and pick your preferred preparing time.
  • Second, check the data you offered cautiously and pay for your ETIAS as indicated by the handling choice you picked previously.
  • Third, transfer the documentation required and send your application by tapping on the 'submit' button. From that point forward, you'll simply need to hang tight for your ETIAS and that's it!

Would you like to begin your application? At that point click here.

Does the Spain ETIAS have a multiple-entry allowance?

When you get it, the ETIAS will be valid for up to three years, so as you can figure, it can fill in as a multiple-entry grant. You can utilize it for trips to Spain or considerably different spots in Europe as long as you visit Spain first.

What should I do if I travel with children?

In the event that you're wanting to visit Spain with your whole family, including kids, at that point you'll need to apply for their ETIAS as well. In any case, we emphatically propose you contact our client service team to get more valuable data about this significant point.

Is it safe to use's service to receive my ETIAS?

Something that never underestimates is security.'s advanced security framework was made to appropriately protect the entirety of the data you offer. At the end of the day, all the data that you see, any user on our site can't have unapproved access.

Where can I find more information about the Etias?

Try not to stress in the event that you actually have questions or worries about this online cycle, that is totally ordinary, and that is the reason we're prepared to assist you with that. Initially, you can contact our customer care agents, however, as a subsequent other option, you can likewise peruse different FAQs and helpful hints on's web page.

Apply for your ETIAS to evade any bother during your next excursion to Spain!

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