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Apply for the Spain Schengen Visa with us!

Last updated: July 2023

Spain is one of the most dazzling destinations in Europe, with a thriving tourism industry. Visitors come to experience the religious, historical, and cultural sights and popular cities such as Barcelona and Madrid.

If you plan on visiting Spain, ensure all your travel documents are in order before your trip, including applying for a Spain Schengen Visa. We offer guidance from start to finish and a simpler application form!

Continue reading for more info or apply directly online for the Spain Schengen Visa or download our app for an even smoother experience.

Spain Beach Landscape

What is the Spain Schengen Visa?

The Spain Schengen Visa is one of the most widely used visas to visit the Schengen territory. It allows people to travel to Spain and other Schengen member states without worrying about getting a visa for each destination during their trip.

With the Spain Schengen Visa, you can visit the following 27 Schengen countries: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Spain, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Spain has to be where you will spend the most time during your visit to the Schengen Zone.

What can I do with the Spanish Schengen Visa?

  • Visit Spain and other Schengen countries for tourism and to visit family and friends.

  • Attend business meetings, conferences, or attend other business activities.

  • Do a short recreational course or play sports.

What can I not do with a Spanish Schengen Visa?

  • Carry out remunerated business (paid work).

  • Receive medical treatment.

  • Marry or register a civil partnership.

  • Study for an extended period or do a traineeship.

Who can apply for the Spain Schengen Visa?

Both residents from the European Union and nationals of Schengen countries have the privilege of traveling visa-free within the Schengen Zone. However, most other visitors must apply for a Spain Schengen Visa and do an interview.

Children and minors are also required to apply for a Schengen Visa to visit Spain, if they come from an eligible country.

The following passport holders can also visit the Schengen zone without a visa:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Canada

Find out if your nationality qualifies for the Spain Schengen Visa using our helpful Visa Checker Tool, and apply instantly online!

How long can I stay in the country with the Spain Schengen Visa?

You can visit Spain and the Schengen zone for up to 90 days within a 180-day period. If you do not exceed the cumulative 90 days, you can travel between any Schengen country as often as you like.

Please note: You can apply for a multiple-entry visa with us, but the Spanish authorities decide if you receive a single-, double-, or multiple-entry visa. Visas with multiple entries can be issued for a validiry of 180 days to a maximum of five years.

Please contact your country's Spanish embassy or consulate for more information about other Spain Visa requirements, such as long-stay visas or residence permits.

Can I extend my Spain Schengen Visa?

It is not possible to extend the validity of a Schengen Visa. Only under exceptional circumstances are you permitted to stay longer in the country than your visa allows, such as a medical emergency.

If you think the validity of your current visa is not enough for your travel purposes within Spain or the Schengen Zone, do not overstay your visa. You should exit before the visa expires and reapply for a new valid visa.

The visa expiry date is determined based on various factors, such as your intended travel purpose, itinerary, and financial means.

Which documents do I need to apply for the Spain Schengen Visa?

When you apply for the Spain Schengen Visa with us, we will send a complete list of documents you must submit and bring to your interview.

Here are some of the travel documents you'll need:

  • Visa application form: You’ll be given a more concise and easy version when applying with us! The form should be correctly and honestly filled out, printed, and signed.

  • Two photographs: Taken within the last three months. If you don’t have one, check our handy digital photo service.

  • Valid passport: Check your passport if it’s been issued within the past 10 years, if it’s valid for at least six months beyond the planned arrival date in the Schengen Zone, and has at least two blank pages for visa stamps.

  • Travel itinerary: This can be a copy of your return flight, booked hotel accommodation, or tour schedules.

  • Proof of accommodation: You must show where you plan to stay, such as hotel reservations or a letter from family members residing in Spain.

  • Financial statements: Bank statements or salary slips demonstrating that you have sufficient financial means to pay for your entire trip.

  • Medical insurance: With minimum coverage of €30,000 in the entire Schengen Zone for emergency medical treatment and repatriation.

  • Minors applying for a Schengen visa must provide their birth certificate and written consent from their parents or legal guardians. Children traveling alone must provide a certified power of attorney signed by their parents or legal guardians.

Those who meet these basic requirements should have no problem getting their Spain Schengen Visa applications approved.

How to apply for the Spain Schengen visa online with us

To get the Spain Schengen Visa fast and efficiently, follow the below steps:

  • Step 1: Provide your personal and travel details on the simplified iVisa application form or app. A guide will be sent to you by email, and you can contact our iVisa Experts at any time for assistance.

  • Step 2: Make sure all information is correct and pay the iVisa service fee with a debit card, credit card, or PayPal. The government visa fee must be paid at the embassy, consulate, or Visa Application Centre (VAC).

  • Step 3: Attend the mandatory visa interview and bring the required documents. Before your interview, we will send you a document checklist and instructions with everything you should bring to the appointment.

Once approved, the visa will be placed in your passport.

Spain Barcelona Sagrada Familia

How much does the Spain Schengen Visa cost, and how long does it take?

For Spain Schengen Visas, we currently offer one processing option:

  • Standard processing: Takes up to 30 days and costs USD $158.64 excluding government fees.

In addition to the iVisa fee, you will receive personal support from our iVisa Experts and a handbook with all the tips to fill out your application and prepare for your interview.

The government fee of about US$85 must be paid at the Visa Application Centre or consulate (half-price for children between the age of 6 and 12 and free for kids under 6 years old).

Once your application is submitted, the government can take on average 45 days to process it.

Do I need the Spanish Schengen Visa if I’m transiting through the country?

Yes, you need a transit visa for Spain if you're from an eligible country.

There are two transit visa categories:

  1. Airport Transit Schengen Visa

  2. Transit Schengen Visa for Seafarers

Check with your nearest Spanish embassy which Schengen transit visa your nationality needs.

Benefits of getting your Spain Schengen Visa with us

  • Government-compliant: Our team of iVisa Experts will review your information and ensure it meets government requirements.

  • Unlimited access to the iVisa Expert Team: We give you exclusive access to our iVisa Expert Team to guide you from start to finish and answer any questions during the process.

  • Simplified application form: Fill out a clear and short form without hassle.

  • Fill out at your own pace: Complete the application form at your own pace, make changes whenever you want, and save your progress.

  • Step-by-step guide: Get an exclusive PDF manual with all the tips you need to answer complex questions and how to prepare for your interview.

COVID-19 entry requirements and restrictions in Spain

COVID-19 testing, vaccination, or quarantine are currently not required to enter the Schengen Zone and Spain.

What type of Schengen visa do I need?

There are different categories of Spanish Visas for various traveling purposes. There are five main types, though not all are as common as others:

  • Type A (Airport Transit Visa): This visa type does not apply to most travelers, but may be issued to citizens of a select number of countries. This allows them to transit through a Spanish airport.

  • Type C: The C-type visa has three categories, single entry, double entry, or multiple entry. Each visa type allows you to stay up to 90 days per entry within a 180-day period.

  1. Single entry: A Type C single entry visa allows the visa holder to enter the Schengen zone once for a period of up to 90 days. After leaving the zone, they are not permitted to reenter.

  2. Double entry: A Type C double entry visa allows you to enter the Schengen zone twice. The two visits must be shorter than 90 days over a 180-day period.

  3. Multiple entries: A Type C multiple entry visa lets visitors enter the Schengen area as much as they like, as long as all the visits together adhere to the 90/180 rule. Multiple entry visas can be valid for between one and five years.

  • Type D: A Type D Schengen visa is a less common visa and acts as a temporary residence permit. It is issued to travelers who want to stay in a Schengen state for longer periods for a single purpose, such as temporary work or study.

Longer programs may require a Spain study visa or work permits. This temporary residence permit may be valid for up to 12 months. Find more information on the Spanish government website.

How to prepare for the Spanish Schengen Visa interview

Proper planning and preparation for your Spanish Schengen Visa interview can significantly affect the outcome of your application.

When applying for your visa through us, you'll receive a comprehensive guide on how to schedule an appointment and how to prepare for the interview.

Here are some important tips to remember:

  1. Collect the necessary documents: Ensure you have all the required documents and information for your visa application. We provide a detailed list of the required documents during the application process.

  2. Practice for the interview: The interview allows the consular officer to learn more about your travel plans and intentions. Prepare to answer questions about your itinerary, accommodation, purpose of travel, and ties to your home country. Be honest and concise in your responses.

  3. Dress appropriately: It is essential to dress appropriately for the interview. Avoid wearing anything too casual or revealing. Smart casual attire, such as a neat shirt and jeans, would suffice.

  4. Arrive early: It is always better to arrive at the embassy or consulate early to avoid any unexpected delays. Being late for your appointment may negatively impact your application.

  5. Be respectful: The interview is a formal process, and it is essential to be polite and courteous to the consular officer. Answer questions clearly and honestly and avoid becoming angry or raising your voice.

For more tips and information, read our ultimate Schengen Visa interview guide!

Where can I learn more?

We're here to help you with questions about the Spain Schengen Visa application process.

Our dedicated online team of customer service agents is available via online chat to assist with any questions, or you can email them at [email protected].

Required Documents to Apply

When applying with us today, we only need:
  • Passport scan.
  • Passport photo.

Important Instructions

  • The Spain Schengen Visa is a multiple-entry travel document to visit Spain and all countries in the Schengen Area.
  • With this visa you can stay in Italy for a maximum of 90 days, starting when you arrive in the country or the Schengen Zone.
  • With the Spain Schengen Visa you can do tourism, short courses, receive medical treatment, and do business activities that don't involve any payment.
  • We advise applying for this visa at least two months ahead to avoid any issues.


Our Company is accredited and recognized by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and has a validated IATA Agency Code. If you want to check this information you can verify our membership using our bearing No. 23716873 at

Remember that the customer service team at iVisa is here 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about our service.

A Spain Schengen Visa is issued in at least 15 working days. Sometimes it can take 45 days. The process can be long, especially if you apply alone. For that reason we recommend you apply 2 months in advance for this Visa to avoid any delays.

Remember that with iVisa you can apply easily and fast for the Spain Schengen Visa with the help of an iVisa Visa Expert. Forget about going through a stressful visa application for yourself and start to enjoy planning your trip!

Apply now!

It will only take around 20 minutes to fill out our simplified form online.

Start your application here!

To submit your online application we only require you to have your Passport Scan. That’s it!

Apply now!

You should bring the following documents:

  • Your printed application form.

  • The applicant’s photo.

  • The payment for the visa fee.

  • Your valid passport. It needs to be valid for at least 6 months after your visa expires.

  • Your return ticket to prove that you can afford transportation.

  • Proves that you are capable of financing your trip. For example, your bank statement** from the last 3 months. Also, proves that you have enough reasons to return to your country after your trip is over.

  • Your proof of accommodation or sponsorship.

  • Health insurance for travel that could cover hospitalizations, emergencies, urgent treatments and healthcare, death, or repatriation in the Schengen area of at least 30,000 euros.

Do you have all these documents? Apply here!

Yes, you can! The Spain Schengen Visa is a travel authorization that allows you to visit Spain and all the countries from the Schengen area.

Apply now!

No. There is a government fee that you will usually need to pay.

You need to pay at the embassy, consulate, or Visa Application Center(VAC) a government fee of $84.85 USD (80 euros) in cash (appointment fee unincluded). Children between the age of 6 and 12 will need to pay a government fee of $42.43 USD (40 euros) in cash. Children under 6 years old won't need to pay a government fee.

You also won’t need to pay a government fee if you are a foreign member of a family composed of members of the EU, EEA, or Switzerland.

We charge a small fee but remember that by applying beforehand with iVisa, you can avoid any delays or errors, including saving time at immigration. Our team of experts will also review your application to minimize the likelihood of errors to guarantee you a smooth entry to Spain.

Start your application with iVisa now!

The Spain Schengen Visa is a multiple-entry travel authorization, with a validity period of 180 days and a permitted stay of a maximum of 90 days that starts when you arrive in Spain.

Apply now!

There are no COVID-19 requirements to enter Spain for travelers that are not coming from China.

Travelers coming from China are required to show a COVID-19 vaccination certificate if they are fully vaccinated or a negative test result if they are not fully vaccinated to enter Spain.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service agents if you have further questions, they’re available for you 24/7.

Chat with them here

At iVisa, we understand that your time is valuable, and we strive to provide you with the fastest service possible. Our processing times are estimated based on the average duration it takes governments to process visa applications. These estimated times begin from the moment we receive all the correct information for your application until you receive your visa. While we work diligently to expedite the process, it’s important to note that we are reliant on the processing times set by the government authorities.

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